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California Government: California Agencies

Resources from the California Government.

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Jesse Silva

Need help with research?  Have a question about the collection or the UC Berkeley Library?  Here are three ways to get in touch with me: 

Current CA Agency Information

California has many agencies.  This page provides a starting point for locating agency information.

Using Oskicat to Find California Publications

Oskicat can be very helpful in finding California government information.  The best strategy is to use Oskicat's Advanced Keyword Search tab.  Once at the Advanced Keyword Search screen, change the first drop-down to Author and enter California into the box next to it. 

Leave the remaining boxes as Any Field and enter your search terms in those boxes (think of broad search terms for this step).  You may also change the second box to Author and add the name of a particular agency to find publications from that agency.  You also have the option to limit by date at the bottom of the search page, or UCB library location if needed.

Historic CA Agency Materials

Historical agency materials can be difficult to locate.  Use the sources below to aid in your search.

As with the state legislature, newspapers in California can be a source of information about agency publications.  UCB has electronic subscriptions to the below newspapers.  The Newspapers and Microforms Library in the basement of Doe has many historical CA newspapers in microfiche/microfilm. 

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