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California Government: Legislature

Resources from the California Government.

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Current Legislative Information

The below links will provide information on current legislation in California.  For a brief overview on how a bill becomes a law in California, see this from the California State Senate

  • California Legislature -- Provides a brief overview of the CA Legislature and quick access to current information.
  • California State Assembly
  • California State Senate
  • Bill Information (1993 to present) -- Full text of bills, resolutions, constitutional amendments; status, history, votes, analyses & veto messages
  • Legislative Analyst's Office -- Provides fiscal & policy advice to legislature; non-partisan analyses of state's budget
  • CAL-ACCESS-Lobbying -- Cal-Access, from the CA Secretary of State (SOS), provides information on money in politics.  This page provides information on lobbyists in CA.
  • Power Search -- Developed in partnership with the SOS, allows access to electronically-reported, state-level campaign contribution raw data from 2001.  Find contributions and independent expenditures.
  • SOS Political Reform Division --  Provides campaign finance information.  Some files go back to the mid-1990's

The below provide audio/visual of CA legislative events

Historic Legislation in California

Historic Legislation in California can be difficult to find.  Use the resources below to guide you through the process.

Historic Bills. (Stanford, UCD Law, and SFPL have complete microfilm holdings)

Other Legislative History Information

  • California Legislature. Assembly or Senate. Final History. 1973-
    Arranged by bill number and listing action taken on all measures on file for the year. Issued daily and cumulated weekly and then semi-annually and annually. Previous to 1973 actions were reported in the Final Calendar of Legislative Business 1899-1972 (J87C2e Main). The latter includes a Legislative Index in the back which provides subject access to bills.
  • California. Legislature. Assembly or Senate. Journal. 1849/50-
    Each journal is issued daily and cumulated annually. They include an account of proceedings (however, not verbatim or summary transcripts of debates), list of measures taken up, texts of amendments to bills, committee reports, etc. Senate committee votes are recorded and published in the Senate Journal, but the Assembly reports its committee and other votes in a separate appendix to the Assembly Journal. An Alphabetical Index provides access by subject and legislative member name. A Bill Action Index provides access by bill number.
  • California. Legislature. Legislative Index... 1973/74-
    Published at various intervals during a legislative session, it lists by subject all bills introduced in the Legislature. Part 2 contains a table showing which sections of the constitution and statutes are affected by the measures introduced.
    • J87C2e.A35 (latest 10 years)
  • California. Legislature. Summary Digest. 1935-
    Includes a short summary of each law enacted, and of each constitutional amendment, concurrent or joint resolution adopted by the Legislature during the year. It is arranged by chapter number and includes cross-reference tables, a detailed subject index and a statutory record. Published also since 1967 as part of Statutes of California.
    • KA80.A25 DREF (latest 10 years)
  • California. Legislature. Senate. Digest of significant legislation covering the period of... 1985-
    Major Assembly and Senate bills are arranged by broad subject categories (health, education, etc.). Each entry provides name of the author, a brief summary, and the disposition of the bill at the end of the session. An index by bill number is included.
    • KFC7.C33 DREF (latest)

Another method of finding information on historic legislation is to check historic newspapers.  California newspapers will have stories on major state legislation.  UCB subscribes to two historical California newspapers in digital format.  Visit the Newspaper and Microfilm Library in Doe to use UCB's extensive collection of California Newspapers:


These publications are the result of committee action on proposed laws. The hearings contain the testimony and sources used by the committees to develop recommendations. The reports usually contain the recommendations and explain the intent of the law. Unfortunately many California hearings, especially bill hearing sessions, are not published. To find what hearings and reports are available, check the lists below, then search them by title in Oskicat or MELVYL. Selected reports through 1970 were published in the appendices of the Assembly and Senate Journals. (Appendices 1855-1944 are located in J87C2p Main)

  • California State Publications. 1945-
    Listing of official state publications issued by executive agencies, the Legislature, and the Judiciary. Hearings begin with California Documents Call Number L500. Published monthly and cumulated each year. Title and subject index. Microfiche cumulation: 1982-89, 1990-93 (reference microfiche 7150)
    • J86C2.A2 DREF
  • Assembly Publications Catalog. 1992-
    Lists reports and hearings of the State Assembly committees, caucuses, task forces and selected State commissions.
    • JK8731.A424 DREF
  • Joint Publications Catalog. 1985-1989
    Catalog lists the reports and hearing transcripts of the Assembly, Senate, and Joint Committees that are for sale. Arranged by committee name.
    • JK8731.A423 DREF
  • Hearings and Reports of the Committees of the California Legislature. (1961-84)
    Lists published hearings and reports alphabetically by committee.
    • JK8778.A3 DREF
  • California Interim Legislative Committees and Reports. (1937-76)
    Lists published reports by committee with a subject index.
    • JK8771.A35 DREF
  • California Legislative Committee Reports.
    A compilation of lists that includes List of special committees and commissions by legislative session, 1850-1936 by C. Larsen.
    • JK8771.L298 DREF
  • Records of the California Legislature. comp. by D. Snyder. (Calif. State Archives Inventory No. 2). 1971.
    Includes committee hearing transcripts and other committee records on file in the State Archives, the Government Publications Section of the California State Library, and the Assembly Office of Research.
    • CD3116.L4.S6 DREF
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