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Data and Digital Expertise Group

The Library Data and Digital Expertise Group addresses topics such as: data science, data management, e-Science, digital humanities, APIs, text/data mining, and library partnerships.  This page provides a brief introduction to selected campus sources that provide support in these areas. The images below link to selected examples.

Big Data

Geospatial Innovation Facility


Numeric Data

Digital Research Tools

Data Management

Digital Humanities @ Berkeley


About the Digital and Data Expertise Group

The Library Data and Digital Expertise Group is one of four groups designed to develop learning communities within the library, to encourage the sharing of questions and approaches across disciplines, to provide a core group for guiding the Library on big issues, and to be a springboard for innovative ways to align the Library with the University's mission. This Group is chaired by Associate University Librarian and Director of Digital Initiativea &Collaborative Services, Erik Mitchell. Current members include Joe Cerra, Jim Church, Barbara Cormack, Mary Elings, Toshie Marra, Scott Peterson, Susan Powell, and Elliott Smith. Please contact the Site Owner with questions.

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