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LGST 100: Foundations of Legal Studies: Find Law in Action

Article Databases for Legal Studies

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Use the box below to start your search across several library databases to find books, articles, and more.



Use LawCat to Find books or Journal Titles (not articles) at the Law Library. Undergraduates can use materials at the Law Library, but cannot borrow. If there is a resource you need to use over and over again, you can put it on Hold at the Circulation desk.

Search LawCat (the Berkeley Law Library catalog):

Find eBooks Related to Legal Studies

The Library offers over 100 e-book and e-text collections in specific subject areas. E-books in collections marked * are also available through OskiCat and Melvyl. You can limit your search in OskiCat to "Available online," and in Melvyl to "Online resources."

Local News

Many local news sources cover the law making bodies (city councils, state legislatures, etc) in their areas, and can be a great source of information.  The below provide access to newspapers from around the U.S, some going back decades.

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