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Newspapers: Newspaper microfilm sets

Microfilm Sets

Listed below are subject specific newspaper microfilm sets at News/Micro Library.  Some are rare newspapers from a particular era. Other sets include newspapers & other print materials collected over time & microfilmed together for a condensed anthology of media on that topic.

In order to determine what is in the set, you need to use the accompanying guide.   Consult the Oskicat record to locate the guide, so you can determine what titles/dates are on which reel/s within the set.

News/Micro staff is happy to assistance in accessing these materials. 

Newspaper microfilm sets

Newspaper microfilm sets

  • Late Soviet and Post-Soviet Transitional Press  
  • Migratory Labor Camp Papers  are newsletters by workers in labor camps migrating West in the wake of the Dust Bowl from 1938-1942.  To bring up all titles in this set: keyword search: "Migratory labor camp papers".  (MICROFILM 71130).
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