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OOMPH Library Resources: PHW 257/258 Emergency Response and Preparedness: Conferences


UN Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine, 2017

Emergency Preparedness and Response Conference and Training Opportunities (US CDC): Upcoming training and conference opportunities organized or sponsored by federal agencies or Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity partner organizations, which include non-federal organizations.

Disaster Health Education Symposium: Advancing the State of the Art (US National Center for Disaster Medicine and Public Health): This symposium (Sept. 8, 2016) provided a forum with a specific focus on education and training in disaster medicine and public health.

Preparedness Summit: the first and longest running national conference on public health preparedness. The 2017 conference is April 25-28 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Joint Commission and Joint Commission Resources Emergency Preparedness Conference: Learn from nationally recognized experts in emergency management and Joint Commission staff. The 2017 meeting is April 19-20 in New Orleans, LA, USA

World Conference on Disaster Management: The last conference was June 7-8, 2016 in Toronto Canada.

The Disaster Conferences: "Education, training and the best practices to assist organizations and communities prepare, respond and recover from emergencies and disasters."

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