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Pakistan: An Overview: Humanities


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South Asia Curator
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Architecture, Arts, Dance, Music

Arts and crafts of Pakistan.  Karachi : Export Promotion Bureau, Govt. of Pakistan, 1994.
       UCB   Main      NK1051.A1 A78 1994

Ijaz ul Hassan, 1940-
Painting in Pakistan / Ijaz ul Hassan.  Lahore : Ferozsons, c1991.
         UCB   Main      ND1010.7 .I44 1991

Ishaq, Shahid.
Evolution of classical dancing in Pakistan; a study.  [Karachi, Printers Combine (Mercantile) 1969].
       UCD   Shields   GV1703.P25 I75
       UCLA  URL       GV 1703 P15I79
       UCR   Rivera    GV1703.P25 I75

Malik, M. Saeed.
The musical heritage of Pakistan / M. Saeed Malik.  1st ed.  Islamabad : Idara Saqafat-e-Pakistan, [1982].
         UCB   Music     ML3758.P35 M341 1983

Mumtaz, Kamil Khan.
Architecture in Pakistan / Kamil Khan Mumtaz.  Singapore : Concept Media, c1985.
         UCB   EnvDesign NA1510.7 .M851 1985

Swarup, Shanti.
The arts and crafts of India and Pakistan; a pictorial survey of dancing, music, painting, sculpture, architecture, art crafts, and ritual decorations, from the earliest times to the present day. With 6...  [1st ed.].  Bombay, Taraporevala's Treasure House of Books [c1957].
         UCB   EnvDesign N7301 S8
         UCB   Main      N7301 S8



Bibliography of folk literature / [compiled by Iqbal Ali Jatoi].  Islamabad: National Institute of Folk Heritage, 1980.
       UCB   S-S/EAsia GR303.A12 J37 REF

Cactus : an anthology of Pakistani literature / edited by Waqas Ahmad Khwaja.  Lahore : Writers Group Publications, 1985.
       UCB   Main      PR9540.5 .C3 1985

Fahmidah Riyaz, 1945-
Pakistan literature and society / Fahmida Riaz ; with a foreword by Bhisham Sahni.  New Delhi : Patriot Publishers, 1986.
         UCB   Main      PK2903 .F34 1986
         UCB   Main      PK5416 .F3391 1986

Modern Urdu stories from Pakistan / translated by Anis Nagi.  Lahore : Swad Noon Publications, 1982.
         UCB   Main      PK2211.E8 M61 1982

Mornings in the wilderness : readings in Pakistani literature / edited by Waqas Ahmad Khwaja.  Lahore, Pakistan : Sang-e-Meel Publications, 1988.
        NRLF            B 3 578 517 Type EXP NRLF for loan details.

Pakistani literature : the contemporary English writers / edited by Alamgir Hashmi.  2nd ed.  Islamabad : Gulmohar, 1987, c1978.
        UCB   Main      PR99 .P34 1987

Ramani, Hashoo Kewal.
Sindhi short stories. Translator: Hashoo Kewal Ramani.  [Karachi] Liberation Publications [1972?].
         NRLF            $B 149 588

Stories about the partition of India / edited by Alok Bhalla.  New Delhi : Indus, 1994.
        UCB   Main      PK5461 .S76 1994 v.1-3 (1994) AT NRLF: v.1-3

Suleri, Sara.
Meatless days / Sara Suleri.  Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1989.
        UCB   Main      PE64.S84 A3 1989

This also happened : an anthology of Pakistani short stories / translated by Anwer Enayetullah.  1st ed.  Karachi : Saad Publications, 1986.
         UCB   Main      PR9540.8.E5 S515 1986

Versions of truth : Urdu short stories from Pakistan / edited by Khalid Hasan, Faruq Hassan.  New Delhi : Vikas, c1983.
         UCB   Main      PK2211.E8 V471 1983



Binder, Leonard.
Religion and politics in Pakistan / by Leonard Binder.  Berkeley : University of California Press, 1963 [c1961].
       UCB   Main      DS384 .B55
       UCB   Moffitt   BP63.P2 B5 *c2 copies

Jettmar, Karl.
The religions of the Hindukush / by Karl Jettmar ; translated from the German by Adam Nayyar ; with contributions from Schuyler Jones and Max Klimburg and a glossary by Peter S.C. Parkes.  Warminster, Wiltshire, England : Aris & Phillips, 1986.
        UCB   Main      BL1750 .J47131 1986 v. 1 (1986)

Rauf, Abdur, 1924-
Islamic culture & civilization in Pakistan / Abdur Rauf.  Lahore : Ferozsons, c1975.
        NRLF            B 3 160 574

Rooney, John, 1935-
Shadows in the dark : a history of Christianity in Pakistan up to the 10th century / by John Rooney.  Rawalpindi : Christian Study Centre, 1984.
      Series title:  Pakistan Christian history ; monograph no. 1.
        GTU   Library   BR1145 .R68 1984
        UCB   Main      XM90.21831


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