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Pakistan: An Overview: Social Sciences


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Social Sciences


Ahmed, Akbar S.
Religion and politics in Muslim society : order and conflict in Pakistan / Akbar S. Ahmed.  Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1983.
       UCB   Anthropol DS392.W3 A35 1983

Eglar, Zekiye Suleyman, 1910-
A Punjabi village in Pakistan.  New York, Columbia University Press, 1960.
        UCB   Anthropol HN690.P8 E3
        UCB   Moffitt   HN690.P8 E3

Ikramullah, Shaista Suhrawardy, 1915-
Behind the veil : ceremonies, customs and colour / Shaista Suhrawardy Ikramullah.  [2nd ed.].  Karachi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1992.
        UCB   Main      HQ1745.5 .I47 1992

Rose, H. A. (Horace Arthur), 1867-1933.
A glossary of the tribes and castes of the Punjab and North-West Frontier Province. Based on the census report for the Punjab, 1883, by the late Sir Denzil Ibbetson and the census report for the Punjab, 1892, by Sir... [Patiala] Languages Dept., Punjab, 1970.
        UCB   Anthropol DS430 .R621 v.1-3 (1970)


Foundations of Pakistan's political economy : towards an agenda fo the 1990s / editors, William E. James, Subroto Roy.  New Delhi ; Newbury Park, Calif. : Sage, 1992.
        UCB   Main      HC440.5 .F59 1992
        UCB   S-S/EAsia HC440.5 .F59 1992

Hussain, Akmal.
Strategic issues in Pakistan's economic policy / Akmal Hussain.  Lahore, Pakistan : Progressive Publishers, c1988.
        UCB   S-S/EAsia HC440.5 .H871 1988

A compendium of Pakistan economy / Irfan-ul-Haque.  1st ed.  Karachi, Pakistan : Royal Book Co., 1987.
        UCB   Main      HC440.5 .I731 1987

Nayak, Pandav.
Pakistan, political economy of a developing state / Pandav Nayak.  New Delhi : Patriot Publishers, 1988.
        UCB   Main      HC440.5 .N391 1988
        UCB   S-S/EAsia HC440.5 .N391 1988

State Bank of Pakistan. Library.
Pakistan economy : a select bibliography : index of periodical articles, 1974-1981 / Library, Research Department, State Bank of Pakistan, Central Directorate.  Karachi : The Library, [1986?].
         UCB   S-S/EAsia HC440.5.A12 S7 1986 REF

State of economy : report of a working group.  Islamabad : Institute of Policy Studies : Distributor, Book Promotors, c1995.
       Series title:  Studies in economics and public policy.
         UCB   Main      HC440.5 .S785 1995



Awan, Muhammad Tariq.
History of India and Pakistan / Muhammad Tariq Awan.  Lahore : Ferozsons, c1991-<1994>.
        UCB   Main      DS436 .A9 1991 v.1-2 (1991-c1994)

Aziz, Khursheed Kamal.
The historical background of Pakistan, 1857-1947; an annotated digest of source material [by] K. K. Aziz.  [1st ed.].  Karachi, Pakistan Institute of International Affairs [1970].
       UCB   S-S/EAsia DS463.A12 A9 REF

Burki, Shahid Javed.
Historical dictionary of Pakistan / by Shahid Javed Burki.  Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press, 1991.
     Series title:  Asian historical dictionaries ; no. 3.
       UCB   S-S/EAsia DS382 .B87 1991 REF

Caroe, Olaf Kirkpatrick, Sir, 1892-
The Pathans, 550 B.C.-A.D. 1957 / by Olaf Caroe ; with an epilogue on Russia by the author.  Karachi : Oxford University Press, [1983], c1958.
     Series title:  Oxford in Asia historical reprints from Pakistan. Modern series.
     Series title:  Oxford in Asia historical reprints. Modern series.
       UCB   Main      DS380.P8 C371 1983
       UCB   S-S/EAsia DS380.P8 C371 1983

Panhwar, M. H.
Chronologyi[c]al dictionary of Sind (from geological times to 1539 A.D.) / by M.H. Panhwar.  Jamshoro : Institute of Sindhology, University of Sind, 1983.
       Series title:  Institiyut af Sindhalaji'a je isha'ati silsile jo kitabu; 99.
         UCB   S-S/EAsia DS392.S58 P351 1983 REF

The Partition of India: policies and perspectives, 1935-1947; edited by C. H. Philips and Mary Doreen Wainwright.  London, Allen & Unwin, 1970.
       UCB   Main      DS480.45 .P331
       UCI   Main Lib  DS480.45 .P33
       UCLA  URL       DS 480.45 P258
       UCSB  Main Lib  DS480.45 .P33
       UCSD  SSH       DS480.45 .P33

Sayeed, Khalid B.
Pakistan, the formative phase, 1857-1948 [by] Khalid B. Sayeed; with a foreword by George Cunningham.  2nd ed.  London, New York [etc.] Oxford University Press, 1968.
         UCB   S-S/EAsia DS382 .S27 1968

Twenty years of Pakistan, 1947-67. Introd. by Altaf Gauhar.  [Karachi, Pakistan Publications, 1967].
       UCB   Main      DS377 .A28 *c2 copies
       UCB   Main      X480.P.E-1353
       UCB   S-S/EAsia DS384 .T9 REF
       NRLF            DS384.T9 Type EXP NRLF for loan details.


Political Science

Hussain, Asaf.
Elite politics in an ideological state : the case of Pakistan / Asaf Hussain.  Folkestone, Eng. : Dawson, 1979.
        UCB   Main      HN690.Z9 .E45
        UCB   Main      HN690.5.Z9 E431 1979
        UCB   Moffitt   HN690.Z9 .E45 *c2 copies

Islam, politics, and the state : the Pakistan experience / edited by Mohammad Asghar Khan.  London : Zed Books ; Totowa, N.J., USA : US distributor, Biblio Distribution Center, 1985.
      Series title:  Third World books.
        UCB   Main      JQ556 .I871 1985

Islamic reassertion in Pakistan : the application of Islamic laws in a modern state / Anita M. Weiss, editor ; foreword by John L. Esposito.  1st ed.  Syracuse, N.Y. : Syracuse University Press, 1986.
      Series title:  Contemporary issues in the Middle East.
        UCB   Law Lib   Asia KF5231 .I82
        UCB   Main      BP63.P2 I742 1986

Noman, Omar.
The political economy of Pakistan : 1947-85 / Omar Noman.  London ; New York : KPI, c1988.
        UCB   Main      DS384 .N65 1988
        UCB   Moffitt   DS384 .N65 1988

Pakistan, the roots of dictatorship : the political economy of a praetorian state / Hassan Gardezi and Jamil Rashid, editors.  London : Zed Press ; Totowa, N.J., U.S.A. : U.S. distributor, Biblio Distribution Center, 1983.
         UCB   Main      HC440.5 .P38 1983
         UCB   Moffitt   HC440.5 .P38 1983

Syed, Anwar Hussain, 1926-
Pakistan : Islam, politics, and national solidarity / Anwar Hussain Syed. New York, N.Y. : Praeger, 1982.
        UCB   Moffitt   BP63.P2 S93 1982
        UCB   S-S/EAsia BP63.P2 S931 1982

Zakaria, Rafiq, 1920-
Women & politics in Islam : the trial of Benazir Bhutto / Rafiq Zakaria. North American ed.  New York : New Horizons, 1990.
         UCB   Main      DS385.B44 Z34 1990
         UCB   S-S/EAsia DS385.B44 Z34 1990



Ahman, Anis.
Women and social justice : some legal and social issues in contemporary Muslim society / Anis Ahmad.  1st ed.  Islamabad : Institute of Policy Studies, c1991.
        UCB   Main      HQ1170 .A45 1991

Ahmed, Akbar S.
Pakistan society : Islam, ethnicity, and leadership in South Asia / Akbar S. Ahmed.  1st ed.  Karachi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1986.
        UCB   Main      HN690.5.A8 A351 1986

Bhatty, K. M. (Khan Mohammad), 1935-
Annotated bibliography of social research in Pakistan / K.M. Bhatti. Peshawar : Pakistan Academy for Rural Development, [1986].
        UCB   S-S/EAsia HN690.5.A12 B52 1986 REF

Hafeez, Sabeeha.
Poverty, voluntary organizations, and social change : a study of an urban slum in Pakistan / Sabeeha Hafeez.  1st ed.  Karachi : Royal Book Co., c1985.
        UCB   Main      HV395.5 .H331 1985

Muhammad Sher Ali Khan.
Quest of identity : the entanglement of Muslims in India and Pakistan / Muhammad Sher Ali Khan Pataudi.  Lahore : Al-Kitab, 1984.
       UCB   Main      DS384 .M831 1984

Weiss, Anita M.
Walls within walls : life histories of working women in the old city of Lahore / Anita M. Weiss.  Boulder : Westview Press ; Lahore : Pak Book Corp., 1992.
         UCB   Main      HD6190.5.Z6 L338 1992


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