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U.S. Congressional Materials at UC Berkeley: Reports + Documents

This guide provides information on locating U.S. Congressional Materials within the UC Berkeley Library.

Reports and Documents

Congressional Reports are part of the law making process and report out reasons why a bill should become a law.  In cases where a different version of a bill passes both houses, Congress will issue a Conference Report describing the conference committee's compromises on the final bill. Congressional Documents contain materials ordered to be printed by Congress and can include department/agency reports, committee prints, treaties, the U.S. Constitution, and other materials.  All of these are also published in the United States Congressional Serial Set. [Numbers in brackets denote Congessional session]

  • [104th (1995)-] Documents FDSys (certain items from various earlier years)
  • [104th (1995)-] Reports FDSys
  • [1 (1789) – 91:1(1969)] MICROFICHE 3136 in Newspapers and Microforms (in the basement of Doe Library)
  • [91:2(1970)-104 (1996)]: J66 MAIN (prior years at NRLF)
  • [103rd Congress (1993- )]:
    • Sen Document FICHE 24117 News/Micro
    • Sen Treaty Doc FICHE 24118 News/Micro
    • Sen Report FICHE 24119 News/Micro
    • Sen Exec Rep FICHE 24120 News/Micro
    • House Doc FICHE 24121 News/Micro
    • House Rep FICHE 24122 News/Micro
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