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Using Aeon to Request Special Collections Materials: Duplication and Permissions Terms and Conditions

This guide provides an introduction to Aeon, the special collections registration and requesting tool.

Notice to Researchers

Duplicated materials are supplied for personal research purposes only. The Bancroft Library, Library Applications and Publishing, and the Digital Imaging Lab are not responsible for obtaining permission to copy or publish copyrighted materials. It is your responsibility to obtain permission from the copyright owner. If copies requested on this form are intended for publication, exhibition, or other public use, now or in the future, it is your responsibility, in addition to obtaining copyright clearance from the copyright owner, to receive permission from The Bancroft Library.

Terms and Conditions for Duplication Orders

Duplication Services

  1. High Resolution (Publication Quality) Images: Digital images of text or pictorial material are available for purchase by electronic file transfer. Resolution of digital images from original material (not previously scanned) is 600ppi at 8x10 inches. (Digital files from older scans may be less than 600ppi). The fee for a digital image created from original material is $33.00; the fee for a digital scan created from an existing image file is $17.00. There is an additional service charge of $12.00 per order. If original material is larger than 36”x48”, the imaging process may require multiple photographs (at $33 each) and an additional stitching fee. For an electronic file transfer, the images are uploaded onto a server, and an email will inform you of the location from which the images may be downloaded.

  1. Research Quality PDFs: PDFs are created from either original material or existing microfilm reels. When microfilm is available and in good condition, the PDFs will be made from a microfilm positive to save originals from use. PDF scans are provided in color, whenever possible. This research-quality PDF service is intended for personal research use only and may not be used for publication, exhibitions, etc. The size limit for the pdf service is 22” x14”.  This service does offer basic OCR, but it does not work on all the materials that are reproduced. This service is only to reproduce consecutive pages and entire manuscript folders, volumes, etc. Duplication of single items within larger archival folders may be requested through our photocopy service.

  1. Photocopies: Staff will create paper copies of collection material and these may be delivered via USPS (includes shipping fee) or picked up in person. Please note that photographic prints and original drawings, paintings, and pictorial broadsides may not be photocopied, but may be duplicated with high-resolution images or research-quality PDFs.

  1. Audiovisual (A/V) Duplication: Digital copies of A/V material are created in conjunction with a third-party vendor. Users requesting access to material for which a digital file has not yet been made must be prepared to meet all costs involved in the making of preservation masters for The Bancroft Library in order to obtain the copies they are requesting.  
  2. Delivery of digital images, PDFs, and audio files is electronic (download) only via an FTP site. All files must be downloaded within 7 days. A new order must be submitted for any images requested after the deletion.  A download link will be sent to the email associated with the Aeon account which submits the order.

  3. Photocopies may be picked up in the Reading Room for no charge, or mailed via USPS with a shipping fee.

  4. Copyright and Other Legal Restrictions

    • Access to and duplication of collections are subject to restrictions defined by federal and state law, University administrative policies, and gift and bequest agreements.

    • Due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to duplicate any commercially produced audiovisual materials. The Bancroft Library will only provide duplication of collection material that is no longer within the prescribed term of copyright, i.e. 95 years from the original date of registration with the U.S. Copyright Office, and films published prior to 1923.  Please note that California has a civil statute that provides that the author of an original work consisting of a sound recording initially fixed prior to 1972, has an exclusive ownership therein until 2047... (California Civil Code § 980(a)(2)), and as such we are unable to provide duplication of this material for any reason.

    • The Bancroft Library reserves the right to refuse duplication orders that, in our judgment, would violate copyright, privacy, or other pertinent laws.

Terms and Conditions for Permissions Requests

Permission Services

  1. The applicant agrees to send The Bancroft Library one complimentary copy of the work containing the reproduction.

  2. The Bancroft Library retains all rights to reproductions of collection material, including the right to grant others permission to reproduce the material. Additional copies must be purchased from The Bancroft Library. The photographic copy or any facsimile of it may not be reproduced beyond the intended use submitted on this Permission Form.

  3. Permission for publication is granted for one-time use and only for the expressed purpose outlined in the final contract arising from this request. Any subsequent use, or change in use, constitutes reuse and a new Permissions Order Form submitted and appropriate fees paid. Permission is limited to the applicant and is not transferable. Permission for use is not granted until all fees are paid. These fees are assessed by The Bancroft Library as the owner of the physical collection material and must be distinguished from any that might be assigned/assessed by a copyright holder. You are solely responsible for securing permission from the copyright holder and paying any associated fees.

  4. Altering the original photographic image beyond standard cropping or resizing requires further discussion with Staff. These changes must be indicated in the accompanying caption or label.

  5. Unless specifically authorized by this contract, images may not be used as a dust jacket, an end paper, nor in an advertisement or any commercial or promotional use of a similar nature, nor to mass reproduce as unbound material.

  6. The publication must properly credit The Bancroft Library. Credit should appear in close proximity to the image or in a special section devoted to credits. The required credit line is:
    [Identification of the item], [Name of collection], [Call number of collection]. Courtesy of The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

  7. Call numbers should appear either near the illustrations or at the point of credit. Crediting individual items is mandatory. Credit should be included with other sources of illustrations in film or video publications.The resolution of reproductions distributed electronically should not be greater than 300 dpi at a maximum of 1000 pixels on the long edge. Credit for images used in exhibitions must appear within the exhibition area.

  8. In authorizing the publication of a photographic copy, The Bancroft Library does not surrender its own right to publish or to grant permission to others to do so. All rights are non-exclusive.

  9. Rights are offered for a maximum period of ten years. The University of California does not issue rights in perpetuity.

The Bancroft Library reserves the right to limit the number of photographic copies; to restrict the use of reproduction of rare or valuable material involving unusual difficulty in copying; and to charge a higher duplication fee than specified. Copies are not supplied to commercial picture agencies except by special arrangement.

Aeon Help

Help! Who do I contact if I have a question about Aeon?


Please send an email to Please note that emails sent to this address can only be answered during normal Library business hours, Monday-Friday between 10:00am - 5:00pm. 

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