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Using Aeon to Request Special Collections Materials: Request Permissions to Publish Collection Material

This guide provides an introduction to Aeon, the special collections registration and requesting tool.

Requesting Permissions in Aeon

Beginning on January 19, 2017, all researchers must submit requests for permission to publish Bancroft materials through Aeon.

The Bancroft Library may charge use fees as listed in the fee schedule or as determined by the Permissions Officer. (See the Use Fee Schedule.)

Please note: You are responsible for complying with copyright law. The Bancroft Library does not necessarily own the copyright to the physical materials in its care. Permission from The Bancroft Library does not constitute copyright clearance, unless expressly stated and when Bancroft is the copyright holder. Neither The Bancroft Library nor the University Library is responsible for how you use materials subject to copyright law and other legal restrictions.

How to Request Duplication or Permissions Services from an Existing Request

If you need to order duplication services or request permissions for material you have already viewed in the Reading Room, you can easily generate a duplication/permissions order from an existing request.

1. Login to Aeon and locate the existing request. 

2. Click on the request's transaction number (TN) to view the full request.

3. At the top of the request, click Request Copy to open the duplication order form.

4. Choose whether you need duplicationduplication AND permissions, or permissions only.

5. Complete the required fields marked with a red asterisk.

6. To add details or notes, use the Notes for Library Staff field.

7. Click Submit Request.

How to Create a New Duplication or Permissions Services Request

If you do not have an existing request for the material you'd like to duplicate or publish, you should create a new request.

1. Locate the item's record in OskiCat or on the Online Archive of California.


2. Request the item, following the steps outlined in the Request Materials tab of this Guide.


3. When prompted, log in to your Aeon account.


4. Click the Switch to Duplication Form button.


5. Review the form and select the option you need: duplication, duplication AND permissions, or permissions only.


​6. Complete the required fields marked with a red asterisk.


7. To add details or notes, use the Notes for Library Staff field.


8. Click Submit Request.

Aeon Help

Help! Who do I contact if I have a question about Aeon?


Please send an email to Please note that emails sent to this address can only be answered during normal Library business hours, Monday-Friday between 10:00am - 5:00pm. 

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