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American Architecture: Books

American Architecture is a brief, selective bibliographic research guide to general resources on the architecture of the United States in the UC Berkeley libraries and on the web.

Search Terms

A few, selected examples of subject search terms to use in the Library catalogs. Terms can all be modified by place names, e.g., Architecture California San Francisco Bay Area. You may also search the catalogs by the name of an architect or designer, either as an author or as subject. 

Architecture, American 
Architecture and Society--United States 
Architecture, Colonial--United States 
Architecture, Domestic--United States 
Architecture, Postmodern--United States 
Architecture--United States 
Architecture, Victorian--United States 

Buildings--United States 
Dwellings--United States 
Eclecticism in Architecture--United States 

Gothic Revival Architecture--United States
Greek Revival Architecture--United States 
Historic Buildings--United States 
Historic Sites--United States 
Ranch Houses--United States 
Vernacular Architecture--United States 

[material of building]--United States, e.g., Stone building 
[name of building], e.g., Mount Vernon 
[name of place]--Buildings, structures 
[period of building] e.g., Architecture--United States--19th century 
[style of building]--United States, e.g. Greek revival 
[type of building]--United States, e.g., Church Architecture

Selected surveys and General histories

A representative sampling.

Styles and Periods Overview

Selected, representative guides and surveys that focus on specific American styles or periods.

Specific Styles & Periods

Surveys that focus on specific American styles or periods.


A selection of guides. For additional titles, check Library catalogs under: Subject Keywords: Architecture--[name of state--name of city]--Guidebooks, or Architecture--Details, or Architecture--{place]--Handbooks.

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