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Architecture 170 : A Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism.: Getting Started

A Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism.

Off Campus access

UC Berkeley faculty, students, and staff may connect to library resources from off-campus.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to organize your research.

  1. Go to the Paper Topic tab for tips on choosing a topic.
  2. Define and Deconstruct Your Topic (see the Paper Topic tab).
  3. Go to the Citations tab to choose a style manual for your footnotes and bibliography.
  4. See the Basic Resources tab to find initial information about your paper topic.
  5. Refine Your Topic: Using the information you have gathered, determine if your research topic should be narrower or broader. You may need to search Basic Resources again using your new, focused topics and keywords.
  6. See the Searching Tips tab to find books for an in-depth discussion of your topic.
  7. Go to the Articles tab for resources containing current and retrospective information. Use Periodical Indexes to identify articles within periodical and newspaper titles.


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