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Bioscience, Natural Resources & Public Health Library: Reference FAQ: HathiTrust Information

HathiTrust for non-UC Berkeley patrons

HathiTrust information for non-UC Berkeley patrons.

Can I log in if I am not from a partner institution? What can I Access?
If you are not a member of a partner institution, partner-specific authenticated services will not be available to you. You can search and access fully viewable materials in HathiTrust, and download materials where there are no third-party restrictions (see Why isn't full-PDF download publicly available for all viewable volumes? for more information). You can also sign up for Hathitrust Guest Account; or a University of Michigan "Friend Account" in order to login and save personal collections of materials. More information on Friend accounts can be found here: or See the User's Guide to HathiTrust on our Resources page for a general introduction to searching, browsing, and creating collections of materials in HathiTrust.

Can I download a whole book?
Users affiliated with HathiTrust partner institutions are able to download full-PDFs of all public domain works, and works made available in under Creative Commons licenses. Users who are not affiliated with HathiTrust partner institutions can download single-page PDFs of all public domain works, full-PDFs of works made available under Creative Commons licenses, and full-PDFs of public domain works that are not subject to third-party agreements (see "Why isn't full-PDF download publicly available for all viewable items" below). There is significant overlap of volumes in HathiTrust and Google Book Search and if a book is "full view" in HathiTrust, it is possible that a PDF of the entire book can be downloaded from Google Book Search. Note that logging in through a Friend account does not enable full-PDF download of Google-digitized materials.

Why isn’t full-PDF download publicly available for all viewable volumes?
The uses of materials in HathiTrust may be defined by third-party agreements. For instance, libraries' agreements with Google require us to take steps to prevent bulk download of materials they have digitized. We offer full-PDF download of Google-digitized materials to partner institutions because we are able to work with partners to ensure that use is within acceptable parameters. Public domain works deposited in HathiTrust without restrictions and works made available by rights holders under Creative Commons licenses are available for full public download.

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