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ISF Child Development and Education: Education Organizations

Education Organizations

An office of the US federal government that publishes the influential annual Nation's Report Card [NAEP]

Provides policy analysis and data about California's K–12 public school system.

Studies and advocates for public schools in California.  Part of UCB Grad School of Education

One of the largest and most influential associations in U. S. education with several divisions and special interest groups.

Contains research briefs, publications, legislative testimony. Emphasis on urban education.

A national, independent advocate for public education - part of the George Washington University’s Grad School of Education.

Mission is to strengthen State Boards as an educational policymaking body for students and citizens. Has publications, study groups, tutorials, etc.

Advances and disseminates research on the causal effects of education interventions, practices, programs, and policies.

Publishes yearbooks out of Teachers College Record of importance.

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