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Company and industry research, preparing for interviews, salary surveys.

Conditions of Use

Please familiarize yourselves with the Conditions of Use of databases.


A company's Annual Report is a good source of information about a company. Almost all public companies make these available on their websites, generally in their Investor Information section. Private companies are more difficult to find information on – search Business News for anything published about the company. Databases listed here allow you to make lists of companies based on various criteria (eg. By industry and geography, by size, by ownership, etc.). Others provide investment analysts’ reports and/or annual reports for companies. 

See Company Information subject guide for more company research options.

Industry Research

See Industry Information subject guide for more options.

Interviews/Resumes/Cover Letterse

Search the library catalog, Oskicat, for works on employment interviews.  “Vault” and “Wetfeet” are major publishers for business career guidance and interview preparation. Search Oskicat for author: Vault or author: Wetfeet, and sort results by date of publication, most recent first.

For specific types of careers use keywords such as  “business consulting vocational guidance”, “vocational guidance finance”, “case interviews”, “investment banking vocational guidance”, etc. 

Other keywords: Résumés (Employment), Résumés (Employment) -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.,  cover letters, job interviews. Sampling of titles:

Subject Guide

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