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Doe & Main Collections: Data and Government Information

These guides will introduce you to the collections in Main (Gardner) Stacks and Doe Library.

Data Collections in Main and Doe

Government Information Collections in Main and Doe

Data Lab

The Data Lab (189 Doe Library) offers consultations on research involving numeric data, including finding and recommending data sources and advising on technical data issues such as file format conversion, web scraping, and basic statistical software use. The Lab also provides workstations with analytical software such as ArcGIS, Stata, SAS, SPSS, Stata, R, and Python.


Doe, Moffitt and Main (Gardner) Stacks

Doe Library
Doe Library supports the teaching, research, and instructional needs affiliated with more than fifty academic departments and programs in the Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and International and Area Studies. The Doe Library building is home to several libraries and is connected to the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks where the collections of the Doe/Moffitt Libraries are shelved.

Main (Gardner) Stacks

The Main (Gardner) Stacks contain Doe Library's research collections and is reserved as a primary study area for UC Berkeley students and faculty.

Moffitt Library in Spring
The Moffitt Library serves the UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff. The newly renovated 4th and 5th floors, Media Resources Center, course reserves, and long hours make this a popular place to study and meet. Computing services, wireless access, quiet spaces, and areas for groups are found throughout the Moffitt Library.  The Free Speech Movement Cafe is open to all campus visitors.

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