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European Union: External Relations


The role of the European Union as a regional economic alliance has shifted over time as measures have been  enacted to address shared concerns over common defence, foreign affairs, and external relations. The EU now addresses many of the same issues as the United Nations, such as mine action, disarmament, piracy, and international crisis reponse.  


Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET).  From the European Parliament.

EU Around the World.  Bilateral and multilateral relations documentation between the EU and countries around the world. 

European External Action Service.  EU foreign ministry implementing the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy and other areas of external affairs.

External Relations Section. From the European Economic and Social Committee.  Fosters civil society relations with countries in the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP), Asia and Latin America.

Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional Affairs and External Relations (CIVEX)From the Committee on the Regions.  Assists with the Union's external dimension, focusing on neighbourhood and enlargement countries.

European Institute for Security Studies (ISS)EU agency dealing with the analysis of foreign, security and defence policy issues.

European Union Satellite Centre (EUSC). Supports EU decision-making by providing analysis of satellite imagery and collateral data. 

European Defence Agency (EDA). Supports the European Council and Member States to improve EU defence via cooperative projects and programs.

Publications on Foreign Policy and Defence. From the EU Bookshop.

EU Legislation on Foreign Affairs and SecuritySummaries of Legislation from Eur-Lex.

EU Legislation on External Relations.  Summaries of Legislation from Eur-Lex.


Treaties and External Agreements

Council of the EU Agreements Database.  Information on EU multialteral agreements, including those in the process.

Directory of International Agreements. Access to the agreements concluded by the European Communities by official classification.

International Agreements. Access to international agreements by subject(via Eur-Lex)

Treaties Office Database of the European Commission.  Bilateral and multilateral treaties or agreements concluded by the EU and its predecessors.

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