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Guide to the libraries for student-athletes: Finding Articles

This guide is intended to help student athletes use the Libraries and its resources more efficiently. Save time-- use our links.

Article Databases

Databases are collections of thousands of articles (and often book chapters, book reviews, conference proceedings, dissertations, and other items) organized by subject. The Libraries have hundreds of databases covering every academic discipline. Some are multi-disciplinary, covering a broad range of subjects and including popular and scholarly sources, and others are subject-specific, and include scholarly and specialized articles.

The following databases are good places to start research in most disciplines:

Finding more databases

You can't find articles searching in the Databases tool! You should search for database names or broad topics like historybiology, or kinds of media such as newspapers here.

library database search


UC-eLinks - Find Article Text/Location

Once you've searched a database to find articles, you may need to use UC-eLinks orange logo to link to a PDF or html file if the full text is not immediately available. Each database is a bit different, but a good rule of thumb is this: when you see the Uc-eLinks icon click on it to view your article access options, which can range from full text to a call number to an Interlibrary Loan request:

UC e-Links image

For more information, here's a tutorial on using UC-eLinks.

Finding articles when you have a citation

If you have a complete or partial citation for an article, enter the info into the Citation Linker.  This will search for your article.

Or search for the journal by its title in the eJournals tool

ejournals search example

  • Search on the title of the journal. This works best if you type in at least the first part of the journal title and choose the Starts with option.
  • Click on UC-eLinks next to the result.
  • In the UC-eLinks results confirm that the year you need is available, and navigate to the article.


Title search in catalog

  • Change the default search from keyword to Title. Search on the title of the journal. Change Entire Collection to Journals/Magazines/Newspapers.
  • More than one listing for the journal may appear in the results. It might be necessary to review all of them to locate the listing that includes the year you need.
  • If the journal is only available in print, note the library location and the call number.


You can also search in Google Scholar

  • Although can be quirky, Google Scholar is useful for quickly getting to the full-text of a known article.
  • Search on the title of the article (putting it in quotes sometimes brings better results). You can also add the author's last name or the name of the journal.
  • When you use Google Scholar, make sure to update your Scholar Preferences (see below) so you'll be able to use UC e-links to find the UC Berkeley library locations/online availability of the articles.

Step 1: If you haven't already done this, set up your proxy server access by following the directions at When you get to a point where you are accessing resources that the Library pays for, you will be prompted for your CalNet ID and password. For more help see:
Step 2: Change your Settings. Access these by clicking on the link at the top of the screen.
Step 3: Click on "Library Links" in the menu on the left and search for "University of California Berkeley"
Step 4: Check all the boxes next to "University of California Berkeley"
Step 5: Save the changes.



  • If you can't find an item, there may be a problem with the citation (it's incomplete, or some of the information is incorrect).
  • Google is a useful tool for verifying the citation (or, in some cases, finding the full-text if it isn't available elsewhere).
  • Or, ask a librarian for help.
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