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ISF Inequality Studies: About this site

How is this site organized?

This guide is designed for students undertaking research for the Interdisciplinary Studies Field Senior Thesis (ISF 190).

The ISF Research Field on Inequality Studies includes empirical sociological and political measures of inequality; analyses of status, political and economic systems; statistical indices to measure inequality; the investigation of power and privilege and historical struggles for legal equality; political and theoretical justifications of equality and inequality; and the debate over public policies influencing social equality. Students will find research materials in the fields of Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Development Studies,  Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, and Sociology. Students work with a variety of methods -- archival research, statistical analysis, and ethnography -- and a variety of source types, including scholarly literature, governemental and NGO reports, primary sources, case studies, data, statistics, and news.

This guide is organized by the types of sources being researched.  Academic research usually comprises secondary source material such as articles, essays and scholarly reports.  News and Statistics are specific kinds of primary sources. The list of organizations will point students toward both primary and secondary material.  Recommended readings will provide context for student research.

Please visit the ISF website for more information about the program and the ISF Research fields.

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