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India: An Overview: Social Sciences



Taj Mahal, Agra, India

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Social Sciences


Changing perspectives of anthropology in India / editor, S.C. Tiwari. New Delhi : Today & Tomorrow's Printers and Publishers, 1989.
       UCB NRLF GN635.I4 C47 1989

Encyclopaedia of Indian tribes / edited by Padma Shri Dr. S.S. Shashi. 1st ed. New Delhi : Anmol Publications, 1994.
       UCB Main GN635.I4 E52 1994 v.1-12 (1994)

Hasnain, Nadeem.
Readings in Indian anthropology / Nadeem Hasnain. New Delhi : Harnam Publications, 1988.
       UCB Anthropol GN17.3.I4 H37 1988

Jaer, Oyvind.
Karchana : lifeworld-ethnography of an Indian village / Oyvind Jaer. Oslo ; Boston : Scandinavian University Press : Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture, c1995.
   Series title: Serie B--Skrifter ; 89.
       UCB Main GN635.I4 J3 1995

Singh, K. Suresh (Kumar Suresh), 1935-
An anthropological atlas : ecology and cultural traits, languages and linguistic traits, demographic and biological traits / K.S. Singh. Delhi ; New York : Anthropological Survey of India : Oxford University Press, c1993.
   Series title: People of India. National series ; v. 11.
       UCB S-S/EAsia DS430 .S545 1992 v. 11 


Ahluwalia, Isher Judge, 1945-
India, towards globalization. London, UK : Published by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, 1995. Series title: Industrial development review series.
       UCB Main HC435.2 .A735 1995

Annotated bibliography on the economic history of India, 1500 A.D. to 1947 A.D. / [chief editor, V. D. Divekar ; section editors, annotators, and indexers, M. Arumugam ... et. al.]. Pune : Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics ; New Delhi : Indian Council of Social Science Research, 1977-<1980 >.
       UCB S-S/EAsia HC435.A12 A5 REF v.1-11 (1977-1980)

Chandhok, H. L., 1923-
India database : the economy : annual time series data / H.L. Chandhok and The Policy Group. New Delhi : Living Media India, 1990.
       UCB S-S/EAsia HC435.2 .C43 1990 REF v.1-2 (1990)

Indian economy since independence / edited by Uma Kapila. Delhi : Academic Foundation, c1990- .
       UCB NRLF HC435.2 .I556 1990 v.4-6 (1992-1994)

Indian social and economic development / compiled by Minnie Govil (CENDIT, Centre for Development of Instructional Technology). New Delhi : Sage, c1988-
       UCB S-S/EAsia HC431 .I555 BOUND 1987-1994

Ravallion, Martin.
Growth and poverty in rural India / Martin Ravallion and Gaurav Datt. Washington, DC : World Bank, [1995]. Series title: Policy research working papers ; 1405.
       UCB Main HG3881.5.W57 P63 no.1405

Statistical outline of India. Bombay : Tata Industries Ltd., Dept. of Economics & Statistics, [1953-
       UCB Main HC431 .T33 BOUND Latest vol. in South/Southeast Asia Library (REF)


Basham, A. L. (Arthur Llewellyn)
The wonder that was India; a survey of the history and culture of the Indian sub-continent before the coming of the Muslims [by] A. L. Basham. 3d rev. ed. New York, Taplinger Pub. Co. [1968].
       UCB Anthropol DS425 .B36 1968
       UCB S-S/EAsia DS425 .B33 1967

Burgess, James, 1832-1916.
The chronology of Indian history; medieval & modern. Delhi, Cosmo Publications, 1972.
       UCB Doe Ref DS461 .B871 1972
       UCB S-S/EAsia DS433 .B82 REF

The Cambridge history of India. London, The University Press, 1922- [v. 1, 1962].
       UCB Anthropol DS436 .C2 v. 1 (1962)
       UCB Main DS436 .C2 v. 1; 3-6 (1922-1963, [v. 1 1962]) *c(more than one copy of some volumes)
       UCB NRLF DS436 .C22 v. 1, 3-6
       UCB Doe Ref DS436 .C2 v. 1; 3-6 (1922-1937) *c(more than one copy of some volumes)v.1; 3-6 (1922-1937)
       UCB S-S/EAsia DS436 .C2 v.1; 3-6 (1965-1979)

Fairservis, Walter Ashlin, 1921-
The roots of ancient India / Walter A. Fairservis, Jr. 2d ed., rev. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1975.
       UCB Anthropol DS418 .F24 1975
       UCB NRLF DS418 .F24 1975
       UCB S-S/EAsia DS418 .F24 1975

Glimpses of India : a grand photographic history of India, the greatest empire of the East / edited by J.H. Furneaux, with a letter of appreciation by Mark Twain. New Delhi, India : Aryan Books International, 1992.
       UCB Main DS408 .G55 1992

Guide to the sources of Asian history. 3, India / International Council on Archives. New Delhi : National Archives of India, 1987-<1994 >.
       UCB S-S/EAsia DS480.45 .G79 1987 REF [1]-3 (1987-1992)

The History and culture of the Indian people, General editor: R. C. Majumder. Bombay, Bharatiya Vidya Bhevan [1951-1969].
       UCB Main DS436.A1 H5 v.1-11 (1951-1977) *c(more than one copy of some volumes)
       UCB S-S/EAsia DS436.A1 H5 v.1-11

Mehra, Parshotam.
A dictionary of modern Indian history, 1707-1947 / Parshotam Mehra. Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1985.
       UCB Main DS433 .M43 1987
       UCB S-S/EAsia DS433 .M431 1985 REF

Modern India : an interpretive anthology / [compiler], Thomas R. Metcalf. New Delhi : Sterling Publishers, c1990.
       UCB Main DS423 .M465 1990
       UCB S-S/EAsia DS423 .M465 1990

The New Cambridge history of India / [general editor, Gordon Johnson ; associate editors, C.A. Bayly and John F. Richards]. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1987-<1993 >.
       UCB Grad Svcs DS436 .N47 1987 III, 4 (1994)
       UCB Main DS436 .N47 1987 I, 1-5; II, 1-4; III, 1-4; IV, 1 (1987-1994)
       UCB S-S/EAsia DS436 .N47 1987 I, 1-2; II, 1-3; III, 1; IV, 1 (1987-1990)

Sources of Indian tradition. 2nd ed. New York : Columbia University Press, 1988. Series title: Introduction to Oriental civilizations.
       UCB Main DS423 .S64 1988 v.1-2 (1988)
       UCB S-S/EAsia DS423 .S64 1988 v.1-2 (1988)

Spear, Thomas George Percival.
India: a modern history, by Percival Spear. New ed., rev. and enl. Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press [1972]. Series title: University of Michigan University of Michigan history of the modern world.
       UCB Main DS436 .S68 1972
       UCB S-S/EAsia DS436 .S68 1972

Thapar, Romila.
A history of India. Baltimore, Penguin Books [1965-66, v. 2, 1965]. Series title: Pelican books A769-A770.
       UCB Main DS436 .H53 v.1-2 ([1965-66, v.2, 1965]) *c(more than one copy of some volumes)v.1-2 ([1965-1966, v. 2, 1965])
       UCB NRLF DS436 .T37 v. 1-2 *c(more than one copy of some volumes)
       UCB S-S/EAsia DS436 .H53 v.1-2 ([1956-1966, v.2 1965]

Political Science

The Emerging political culture in India / edited by Ali Ashraf. New Delhi (India) : Hira Publications, 1995.
       UCB Main JQ281 .E46 1995

Ghosh, Arun, 1933-
Indian political movement, 1919-1971 : a systematic bibliography / Arun Ghosh, Ranjit Ghosh. Calcutta : India Book Exchange : distributor, K. P. Bagchi, c1976.
       UCB S-S/EAsia JQ298.A1 A12 G48 REF

India briefing : staying the course / Philip Oldenburg, editor. Armond, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, 1995. Series title: Asia Society country briefing.
       UCR DS480.853 .I498 1995 

National policy studies / editor, Subhash C. Kashyap. New Delhi : Published for the Lok Sabha Secretariat [by] Tata McGraw-Hill Pub. Co., c1990.
       UCB S-S/EAsia HD2073 .N373 1990 REF

Yearbook on India's foreign policy. New Delhi ; Beverly Hills : Sage Publications, 1985-
       UCB NRLF DS480.832 .Y42 BOUND 1982/83-1990/91- (1987/88-1990/91)


Bridging worlds : studies on women in South Asia / edited by Sally J.M. Sutherland. Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1992.
   Series title: Oxford India paperbacks.
       UCB Main HQ1735.3 .B75 1992

Consuming modernity : public culture in a South Asian world / Carol A. Breckenridge, editor. Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, 1995.
       UCB Main DS423 .C577 1995

Madan, T. N. Pathways : approaches to the study of society in India / T.N. Madan. Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1994.
       UCB Main GN635.I4 M24 1994

A Reader in urban sociology / edited by M.S.A. Rao, Chandrashekar Bhat, Laxmi Narayan Kadekar. New Delhi : Orient Longman, 1991.
       UCB NRLF HT147.I5 R38 1991

Sakala, Carol. Women of South Asia : a guide to resources / by Carol Sakala ; with a foreword by Maureen L. P. Patterson. Millwood, N.Y. : Kraus International Publications, c1980.
       UCB Main HQ1735.3.A12 S23
       UCB Doe Ref HQ1735.3.A12 S23
       UCB S-S/EAsia HQ1735.3.A12 S23
       UCB S-S/EAsia HQ1735.3.A12 S24 REF

Shiva, Vandana.
Ecology and the politics of survival : conflicts over natural resources in India / Vandana Shiva in association with J. Bandyopadhyay ... [et al.]. Tokyo, Japan : United Nations University Press ; New Delhi : Newbury Park : Sage Publications, 1991.
       UCB BioSci HC433.5 .S55 1991
       UCB S-S/EAsia HC433.5 .S55 1991

Singh, Raghvendra Pratap.
Sociology of rural development in India / Raghvendra Pratap Singh. Delhi : Discovery Pub. House, 1987.
       UCB NRLF HD2072 .S581 1987

Social action and social change / editor, C. Lakshmanna, S.P. Srivastava, R.C. Sarikwal. Delhi : Ajanta Publications (India) : Distributors, Ajanta Book International, 1990.
       UCB Main HN683.5 .S63 1990

Sociology in India : perspectives and trends / editor, G.C. Hallen. 1st ed. Meerut : Rohini Publications, 1986-1990.
       UCB Main HM22.I5 S637 1986 v.1-4 (1986-1990)

Urban studies in India : a bibliography. New Delhi : National Institute of Urban Affairs, 1988.
       UCB S-S/EAsia HT147.I5 A12 U73, 1988 REF v. 1-3 (1988)

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