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Bioscience, Natural Resources & Public Health Library: Reference FAQ: Wireless Access

Wirelss access on campus

On campus wireless access:  Airbears 2

Off-campus access to library resources is limited to current UCB faculty, staff and students.

Use one of the following:
Proxy Server
The proxy server will route your requests for licensed resources after authenticating your CalNet ID, as a Berkeley student, faculty or staff member. You must configure your web browser in order to use it.
Proxy updates: see the Library's Proxy Server FAQ. iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
The VPN is a software program that will establish access to the campus network to access a broad variety of licensed resources.

LBL Proxy Configuration

Campus WiFi Options:

IST offers the following options for accessing the campus Wi-Fi network.

provides authentication for eligible campus users, and improved confidentiality for data being transmitted wirelessly. The secure automatic connection means that users only login once.
1. Create a Key: Use your CalNet Passphrase to login to the Manage My Keys website and follow the instructions provided.
2. Configure Your Device or Computer: Use your AirBears2 key to configure your device.

eduroam (education roaming)
Campus and Visitors (from other institutions)
Secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.
1. Use your AirBears2 Key or Create a Key: If you already have an AirBears2 key you can skip this step.

2. Configure Your Device or Computer: Connect to eduroam SSID, provide your CalNet ID as the user name,  enter your AirBears2 WiFi Key as password.

Provides Wi-Fi access for those without a CalNet ID. This free (no cost, no passphrase required) service is intended to support the Internet access needs of campus visitors.

AT&T Wi-Fi
Users with an AT&T data plan will be able to connect automatically, others have the option to purchase blocks of time on AT&T service.

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