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Bioscience, Natural Resources & Public Health Library: Reference FAQ: Printing, Scanning, Photoduplication

Printing and Scanning

Use Cal1Card or Guest Cards (no cash) for self-service printing and scanning in the library.

For more information, please see Printing and Scanning in the Libraries.

For full-service assistance with printing, copying, scanning or binding, please visit:
Moffitt Copy Center
321 Moffitt Library

Photoduplicatoin Services

Photoduplication Service
provides fee-based access through photoreproductions of a variety of materials within the UC Berkeley library collections to other institutions, organizations and the general public. We supply a variety of services, from scans of journal articles to technical photographic work, including the reproduction of glossy and matte prints, negatives, slides, and microfilm, and digital imaging of maps and other material.

Photoduplication Service is available to any institution or individual.


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