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Bioscience & Natural Resources Library: Reference Guide: Wireless Printing

Wireless Printing Overview

Print from your laptop computer or portable electronic device using PrinterOn, the Campus wireless printing service is available in all campus libraries.

Laptop Wireless printing, step by step


1.  Connect to the Campus network via Airbears2, CalVisitor, VPN or Library workstation.

2. Open your we browser and go to and click on PRINT.





3. Enter your CalNet ID (e.g., jsmith) and click on LOG IN.



4. Click on +Library and select library-wireless.




5. Select a file you wish to print from your computer or key in a web site URL.  Choose the number of copies and number of pages you wish to print and click on CONTINUE.





6.  Select your printing preferences and click CONTINUE.




7. Wait while your print job is being submitted.  It may take up to a minute before the next screen is displayed.





8. Click on the Submit Job to Printer link below the "Time Elapsed" information. It may take more than a minute before the "Complete" screen is displayed.





9. Once you see the  "Complete"  screen, go to a Library print release station and release your print job using your Cal1Card.




Wireless B & W printing at UCB Libraries

  1. You must be logged in to AirBears2 or CalVisitor.
  2. Go to
  3. Click Print.
  4. Enter your CalNet ID user name (if UCB affiliate) or Guest Card Number (if visitor).
  5. From the menu, expand the Library category and select library-wireless.
  6. Browse to the file on your computer, or enter the URL of a webpage.
  7. Specify the number of copies (up to 10) or the page range (if you don’t want to print the complete document), and click Continue.
  8. Select the paper size, orientation, and single- or double-sided printing, and click Continue.
  9. The job will be submitted. Once the message “Approved” and the number of pages appears, click Submit Job to printer.
  10. If you are done, click log out. Or, click on “Another job” and repeat steps 6 – 10.
  11. Go to the print release station and tag your Cal 1 ID Card or swipe your Guest Card to print the job.
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