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Bioscience & Natural Resources Library: Reference Guide: Find a CD/DVD player

General Access Computer Facilities

Refer to the UC Berkeley Campus, Educational Technology Services website for hours and available equipment.

CD/DVD players and other computer equipment

Valley Life Sciences Computer Facility:
2180 VLSB, inside the Bioscience and Natural Resources Library
Hours: closed, May 11- Aug 23.

2180 VLSB Image
VLSB Exterior Image
30 Dell Optiplex 9010 Intel Pentium G860 3M 2.8 GHz (upgraded Fall 2012)
Includes 4 print stations
Includes 1 ADA compliant workstation
Includes 1 scanner station
CD-RW/DVD RW Combo Drive

8 iMac 21.5", 2.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 (upgraded Fall 2011)
Includes 1 ADA compliant workstation
Includes 1 scanner station
CD-RW/DVD-RW Combo Drive

Headphones available on all computers
2 HP Laserjet P4515n Printers (full-duplex)
1 Xerox Color 6700 Printer
Software: Application and networking software is available at all the general access facilities.
Reservations are not permitted in this facility.

Moffitt Computer Facility

Moffitt Computer Facility:
Hours:; open May 11-August23.

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