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Urban Design: Other Resources

Urban Design is a selective bibliographic research guide to Internet sites and library resources supporting urban design research at UC Berkeley.

Searching for maps

The Earth Sciences and Map Library collection and the Bancroft Library have outstanding collections of maps, especially for California and the Bay Area.

Atlases and Encyclopedias

Consult individual city or regional atlases. Encyclopedias, e.g., Cities of the world  often include city plans or maps. See Basic Research Resources for a list of city planning encyclopedias.


Guidebooks are excellent sources of street and site maps. Search the library catalogs: [place name] guidebooks. Use the following titles to identify city plans and maps in older guidebooks; consult the library catalogs to locate copies of the guidebooks.

Historical Maps

Aerial Photos

The Earth Sciences and Map Library has an excellent collection of aerial photos of California, 1939--present.

Searching for images and plans

Note that archives are often an excellent source of images. See the guide Image Sources for the Built Environment or  Image and Sound databases for more resources.

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