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Political Economy 150: Women and Development in Transitional China: Books & Ebooks

Using the Catalogs

When searching a database or Oskicat you will need to unlearn some Google habits. When searching Oskicat less is more.  Start with simple searches (two to three key concepts).

If you get too many results, add more terms and/or apply limits, e.g. by language or material type. Try using the following subject headings:


Useful "limits" and "sorts" in the catalog include a language limit (over 50% of the items in the UC Berkeley libraries are not in English) and sorting by date or relevance. One useful Oskicat feature is the subject heading. The advantage of this is if you identify the library subject heading for your topic you can see "related headings"  like a taxonomy.  One good way to do this is do a keyword search, find a record for a book you like, and click the subject heading. 

Ebook Collections

Project Muse. Digitized scholarly journals and books in the humanities and social sciences. Topics include history, cultural studies, education, political science, gender studies, economics and many others. 

ebrary. Our largest e-book collection, with over 50,000 titles on a wide range of subjects. Find them in OskiCat (keyword: ebrary) or search the ebrary website directly. 

Palgrave Connect.  Major publisher in economics, political sciences and other social sciences. We have selected content through 2013 and will have all content for 2016. 

Wiley Online Library Ebook Collection. Books from 2011 to present, including selected books in economics and finance.  Like Springer (see above) this ebook portal also offers access to Wiley electronic journals.

World Bank e-Library. Full-text World Bank publications from mid 1990's to present. Topics covered include: economics and finance, public policy, education, international development, technology, poverty, gender, and more.

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