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Data and Digital Scholarship: Campus Groups


AmpCamp - Big Data Bootcamp.  Big Data training events organized by the UC Berkeley AMPLab about big data analytics, machine learning, and popular open-source software projects produced by the AMPLab

The Berkeley Digital Humanities Working Group (BDHWGbrings together students, faculty, and staff to explore the exciting field of digital humanities. Digital humanities uses computing methods and tools to answer old questions and raise new ones. They welcome everyone regardless of discipline and technical background.  Follow their blog for updates and resources about digital humanities, subscribe to their mailing list, see their upcoming events calendar, and join them on the twitterverse with #bdhwg.

Berkeley R Beginner Study Group. Join this small group for a step-by-step approach to learn the R language. Each session is filled with real-life examples and participants are welcome to suggest and present topics.

Berkeley Unicode Working Group. Forum for anyone interested in Unicode, the international standard for the representation of writing systems (‘alphabets’) on computing platforms. Holds meetings monthly on the UC Berkeley campus.

Computational Text Analysis Working GroupGroup for learning how to use an array of approaches including: topic modeling, TF-IDF, dictionary methods, supervised machine learning, cosine similarity scorGes, and more​.

Digital Humanities Meetup.  Brings together people from the academy and industry to explore topics such as network analysis, data visualization, text mining, and digital collections.

Hackers @ Berkeley is here to help you, whether you want to learn practical coding skills, find partners to work with, or promote your project. We're an organization that fosters a culture of creation at Berkeley.

Social Science Matrix is UC Berkeley’s new flagship institute for social science research. Our purpose is captured in our name: we provide an organizational framework—a “matrix”—that supports cross-disciplinary projects pursued by more than 500 social scientists across the Berkeley campus research landscape and beyond. 

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