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Data and Digital Scholarship: Funding


The following are links to selected funding opportunities on campus that support research in data science, digital humanities, data gathering, and digitization. Please refer to the sites for specifics and time frames, as many grants and other funding opportunities are time sensitive and may have restrictions.  Please send additional sites our way

Grants and Funding Opportunities

Berkeley Economic History Lab. Small grants are available to Berkeley Ph.D. students for archival visits, data gathering, digitization of historical data, and other dissertation-related projects.

Berkeley Empirical Legal Studies. Serves as a source of information for faculty, Center researchers and graduate students who are seeking funding for empirical research. At this site we will provide information about regular research grant deadlines under major grant agencies that fund empirical legal research, as well as some special grant announcements.

Berkeley Institute for Data Sciences (BIDS).  Call for applications to be a data science fellow.  At the staff, professional researcher and postdoctoral fellow level each Data Science Fellow position is recruited for an initial period of up to two years with the possibility of renewal. 

Berkeley Sponsored Projects. Central campus hub for sponsored research. See especially the Pivot Funding Opportunities Database and this list of UC Grant Programs.

New Courses and Course Development Grants in the Digital HumanitiesWith the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Digital Humanities at Berkeley invites faculty to propose new undergraduate and graduate courses. These courses will develop students’ skills in the critical analysis and application of digital tools and methodologies. UC Berkeley faculty members and tenured lecturers (SOE) are invited to apply.

Research IT (RIT) provides research information technologies such as high performance computing (HPC), research data management, research application development, and data analysis tools. They also offer consulting that ranges from grant proposal development, to data management plans and work with campus centers, colleges, and other units to build communities of researchers and IT professionals. 

Social Sciences Matrix. Provides a range of funding opportunities to enable multi-disciplinary social science research to flourish at Berkeley. Each academic year sponsors a series of Matrix Seminars, which bring together groups of scholars to meet regularly to explore or develop a question of social science import, with preference given to those in which students and faculty collaborate across disciplines, within or beyond the social sciences.

Townsend Center for the HumanitiesProvides support for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates at the University of California, Berkeley through a range of funding opportunities. Since its inception, the Center has defined the humanities in its broadest terms as not only the departments officially within the Division of Arts and Humanities, but also the related social sciences and professional schools (e.g., Law, Journalism, Architecture).

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