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Zoology & Natural History: Books & eBooks

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QE 701- Paleontology
QE 760- Paleozoology
QE 861- Reptiles, Dinosaurs
QE 901- Paleobotany
QH 1- Natural History
QH 359 Evolution (Biology)
QH 540- Ecology
QL 1-  Zoology
QL 360- Invertebrates
QL 600- Chordates, Vertebrates
QL 614-  Fishes
QL 640-  Reptiles, amphibians
QL 671-  Birds
QL 700-  Mammals
QL 750-  Animal behavior
QL 799-  Morphology
QL 801-  Anatomy
QL 951-  Embryology

Dissertations & Theses

Dissertations and Theses (Dissertation Abstracts)  
UCB access only

Covers dissertations and theses from U.S. institutions.

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UC Berkeley Dissertations

To locate sample dissertations from a specific UC Berkeley department, search OskiCat for the keywords berkeley dissertations <department name>.

berkeley dissertations environmental science policy and management
berkeley dissertations mechanical engineering

Books, articles & more

Start Your Search [UC Berkeley Discovery Tool] Guide to Start Your Search: What's Included.

Oskicat [UC Berkeley]

  • Search for books, e-books, journals, dissertations, reports, materials by topic, author or series.
  • Renew your books
  • Find course reserves
  • Request items from other libraries, from storage, or checked out by other patrons
  • Refine your search to a specific library, available items or online items.

Melvyl  [UC, selected UCB libraries not in Oskicat]

  • Search for articles,books, ebooks, journals, dissertations from UCB-subscribed journals
  • Search libraries worldwide
  • Request items UCB does not own, create and save lists, automatically format citations.

Google Books

  • Search the full text of books Google has scanned
  • Read the full text of most out-of-copyright books
  • View previews or snippets from many books still in copyright
  • Find in a library link will locate the book if it is owned by UC Berkeley

eBook collections

E-books are  available through OskiCat and Melvyl. Limit your search in OskiCat to "Available online," and in Melvyl to "Online resources."  Or under Advanced search: use format oniline.

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