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Sacred Space: Resources: Selected Titles

Use this guide to locate resources on the design of sacred spaces.

Planning and Programming

Includes building standards, codes etc.

  • Architectural programming and predesign manager / Robert Hershberger. New York: McGraw-Hill, c1999. 
  • Architecture, form, space & order / Francis D.K. Ching. 2nd ed. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, c1996. 
  • NFPA 909, code for the protection of cultural resources. 2001 ed. Quincy, MA: National Fire Protection Association, 2001. 
  • Problem seeking : an architectural programming primer / William M. Pena and Steven A. Parshall. 4th ed. New York: Wiley, c2001. 
  • Time-saver standards for architectural design data / Donald Watson, Michael J. Crosbie, John Hancock Callender, editors. New York: McGraw-Hill, c1999. 
  • Time-saver standards for architectural lighting / Gary Steffy. New York: McGraw-Hill, c2000. 
  • Time-saver standards for building materials & systems : design criteria and selection data / Donald Watson, editor. New York: McGraw-Hill, c2000. 
  • Time-saver standards for building types / Joseph De Chiara, editor, Michael J. Crosbie, editor. 4th ed. New York : McGraw-Hill, c2001. 
  • Time-saver standards for interior design and space planning / [edited by] Joseph De Chiara, Julius Panero, Martin Zelnik. 2nd ed. New York : McGraw-Hill, c2001. 
  • Widening the eye of the needle : access to church buildings for people with disabilities / John Penton. 2nd ed London : Church House, 2001. 


  • Altars made easy : a complete guide to creating your own sacred space / Peg Streep. 1st ed. [San Francisco]: Harper San Francisco, c1997. 
  • New American country churches / William Morgan ; photography by Radek Kurzaj. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2004. Includes the history of church building development and photos of rural churches in a variety of architectural styles. 
  • American sacred space / David Chidester and Edward T. Linenthal, editors. Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c1995. Series title: Religion in North America. 
  • Architecture for the gods / Michael J. Crosbie. Mulgrave,Vic: Images Pub. Group, 1999. 
  • Building plans : for medium/large churches / Fred H. Turner, compiler.Nashville, Tenn : Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, c1991. 
  • Building the Cathedral / David Macaulay. Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1999.  
  • Building with the breath of life : working with Chi energy in our homes and communities / Tom Bender. Manzanita, OR : Fire River Press, c2000. 
  • Church builders / Edwin Heathcote and Iona Spens. Chichester : Academy Editions ; Lanham, Md. : distrib in the United States by National Book Network, 1997. 
  • Church buildings / edited by The Architects' journal [London?: AJ Information Library, 1967?] 
  • Churches / Judith Dupre; introductory interview with Mario Botta. 1st ed. Ny, NY: HarperCollins Publishers, c2001. 
  • From synagogue to church : the traditional design : its beginning, its definition, its end / John Wilkinson. London ; New York : RoutledgeCurzon, 2002. 
  • Houses of God : region, religion, and architecture in the United States /Peter W. Williams. Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c1997. Series title: Public expressions of religion in America. 
  • Inside churches : a guide to church furnishings / The National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies [editors]. Rev. ed. London: Capability Publishing with NADFAS Church, 1993. 
  • Light revealing architecture / Marietta S. Millet ; illustrations by Catherine Jean Barrett. New York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, c1996. 
  • Natural church development : a guide to eight essential qualities of healthy churches / Christian A. Schwarz. 3rd ed. Carol Stream, IL: ChurchSmart Resources, 1998, c1996. 
  • Path, portal, path : architecture for the rites / Christopher V. Stroik. Chicago, IL : Liturgy Training Publications, c1999. 
  • Planting growing churches for the 21st century : a comprehensive guide for new churches and those desiring renewal / Aubrey Malphurs. 2nd ed. Grand Rapids, Mich. : Baker Books, c1998. 
  • Preparing the environment for worship / David McNorgan. Ottawa, Ont: Canda: Novalis; Collegeville, Minn: Liturgical Press, 1997. 
  • Re-pitching the tent : re-ordering the church building for worship and mission in the new millennium / Richard Giles ; illustrations by Roy Barnes; foreword by the Archbishop of York. Repr. 1997 with amendments. Norwich : The Canterbury Press Norwich, c1997. 
  • Sacred space and structural style : the embodiment of socio-religious ideology / Vicki Bennett. Ottawa : University of Ottawa Press, c1997. Series title: Religions and beliefs series ; no. 7. 
  • Sacred space, meaning and form : the Third International Congress on Religion, Architecture, and the Arts / Moshe Davidowitz, general chairman; edited by David James Randolph. Internl Congress on Religion, Architecture, and the Arts, 3d, Jerusalem, 1973. New York : United Church Board for Homeland Ministries, c1976. 
  • Sacred space : an aesthetic for the liturgical environment / Dennis McNally. Bristol, IN, U.S.A.: Wyndham Hall Press, c1985. Series title: University monograph series. 
  • Silence, song and shadows : our need for the sacred in our surroundings /Tom Bender. Manzanita, Or. : Fire River Press, c2000. 
  • Stones of witness : church architecture and function / Colin Cunningham.Stroud : Sutton, 1999. 
    EnvDesign NA5464 .C85 1999
  • Tadao Ando: Architektur der Stille = architecture of silence: Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum / Werner Blaser. Basel ; Boston : Birkhauser, c2001. 
  • Ugly as sin: why they changed our churches from sacred places to meeting spaces and how we can change them back again / Michael S. Rose. Manchester, N.H.: Sophia Institute Press, 2001. 

Color and Pattern

  • The art of color; the subjective experience and objective rationale of color. Translated by Ernst van Haagen. New York, Reinhold Pub. Corp. 1961. 
  • Color and meaning : art, science, and symbolism / John Gage. Berkeley; Los Angeles: University of California Press, c1999. 
  • The color of light : commissioning stained glass for a church / Sarah Hall. Chicago, IL: Liturgy Training Publications, c1999. 
  • The elements of color; a treatise on the color system of Johannes Itten, based on his book The art of color. Edited, and with a foreword and evaluation, by Faber Birren. Translated by Ernst van Hagen. New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. [1970]. 
  • Interaction of color / Josef Albers. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1971. 
  • Louis I. Kahn: Licht und Raum = light and space / Urs Buttiker; translation of German texts into English by David Bean. Basel ; Boston: Birkhauser Verlag, c1993. 
  • Living colors : the definitive guide to color palettes through the ages / Margaret Walch, Augustine Hope. San Francisco : Chronicle Books, c1995. 
  • Reinhold color atlas, by A. Kornerup and J. H. Wanscher. New York, Reinhold 1962, c1961. 


Use for the history of religious architecture design and building. Consult the library catalogs, using the previously suggested subject terms for more information.

  • The Cathedral of Ferrara : an artistic and iconographic guide of a religious architectural masterpiece / Berenice Giovannucci Vigi. Firenze: Nardini, 2000. 
  • Buildings, faith, and worship : the liturgical arrangement of Anglican churches, 1600-1900 / Nigel Yates. Oxford : Clarendon Press ; New York: Oxford University Press, 1991. 
  • The differential use of constructed sacred space in Southern Britain, from the Late Iron Age to the 4th century AD / Alexander Smith. Oxford, England : Archaeopress, 2001. 
  • The emergence of the Christian basilica in the fourth century / James Riley Strange. Binghamton, N.Y.: Global Publications, c2000. 
  • Hagia Sophia : architecture, structure, and liturgy of Justinian's great church / Rowland J. Mainstone. New York, N.Y. : Thames and Hudson, 1988. 
  • A history of building types / Nikolaus Pevsner. Princeton, N.J.:Princeton University Press, c1976. 
  • Islamic art and architecture / Robert Hillenbrand. London: Thames and Hudson, 1999. 
  • Mosques in Norway : the creation and iconography of sacred space / Saphinaz-Amal Naguib; photographs by Arthur Sand; line-drawings by Kirsten Berrum. Oslo: Novus: Instituttet for sammenlignende kulturforskning, 2001. 
  • The music of silence : entering the sacred space of monastic experience / David Steindl-Rast; with Sharon Lebell. 1st ed. [San Francisco]: Harper San Francisco, c1995. 
  • The pilgrim's guide to Rome's principal churches / Joseph N. Tylenda .Collegeville, Minn.: Liturgical Press, c1993. 
  • Placing the gods : sanctuaries and sacred space in ancient Greece / edited by Susan E. Alcock and Robin Osborne. Oxford: Clarendon Press ; New York: Oxford University Press, 1994.   
    Main BL795.S47 P53 1994
  • Romanesque and gothic France: architecture and sculpture / Viviane Minne-Seve, Herve Kergall ; translated from the French by Jack Hawkes and Lory Frankel. New York : H.N. Abrams, 2000. 
  • Santa Maria del Fiore: il Duomo di Firenze e la Vergine incinta / Irving Lavin; traduzione di Silvia Panichi. Roma: Donzelli, c1999. 
  • Symbolism in Hindu architecture as revealed in the Shri Minakshi Sundareswar / L. Peter Kollar ; photographs by Alan Croker. New Delhi: Aryan Books International, 2001. 
  • Spiritual gardening : creating sacred space outdoors / by Peg Streep; principal photography by John Glover. Alexandria, Va.: Time-Life Books, c1999. 
  • Theology in stone: Church architecture from Byzantium to Berkeley  / Richard Kieckhefer. Oxford; New York : Oxford University Press, 2004. 


  • The hermeneutics of sacred architecture: experience, interpretation, comparison / Lindsay Jones. Cambridge, MA : Distributed by Harvard University Press for Harvard University Center for the Study of World Religions, c2000. Series title: Religions of the world (Cambridge, Mass.) 
  • Holy ground : theoretical issues relating to the landscape and material culture of ritual space objects: papers from a session held at the Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference, Cardiff 1999 / edited by.Oxford : Archaeopress, 2001. 
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