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Sacred Space: Resources: Search for Journals

Use this guide to locate resources on the design of sacred spaces.


  • Church buildings today. Billericay, Essex : John Catt Ltd., 1960?-1962? 
  • Church building.Billericay, Essex : John Catt, Ltd., -1970. 
  • Cities: the international journal of urban policy and planning.Guildford, Butterworths. 
  • Cross currents.[New Rochelle, NY, etc., Association for Religion and Intellectual Life, etc.] Absorbed: Religion & intellectual life spring 1990-.
  • Environmental & architectural phenomenology newsletter. Manhattan : Architecture Dept., Kansas State University, 1990 
  • Faith & form. [Washington] Guild for Religious Architecture. 
  • Guide to social science and religion. Flint, MI. National Periodicals Library, 
  • Historical monuments Author: Turisticki savez Srbije. Beograd, 1960. 
  • Journal of the American Society for Church Architecture.<1961>[Philadelphia, American Society for Church Architecture] 
  • Journal of urban history. Beverly Hills: Sage Publications. 
  • Kunst und Kirche (Darmstadt, Germany : 1971) / herausgegeben vom Arbeitsausschuss des Evangelischen Kirchbautages und vom Diozesan-Kunstverein Linz.Darmstadt: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Verlage Das Beispiel, 1971. 
  • Twentieth century architecture: The Twentieth Century Church, #3. / Twentieth Century Society. London : The Twentieth Century Society, 1994. Shelved: Recent issues on current periodicals. Library has: 1(summer 1994)- 
  • Urban history. Volume 22:3, 12/95, includes Current bibliography of urban history:Cambridge University Press, c1992. 

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