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History of Asian Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urbanism: More Resources

The purpose of this research guide is to provide a selection of basic English language resources that outline key elements of architecture, landscape architecture, and city planning in China, Japan, and Korea from approximately 1400 BCE to the present.


  • Guide to the literature of art history / Etta Arntzen. Chicago: American Library Association, 1980. Identifies the best books for architecture by geographic area and time period. Includes a section on Asian Countries. Covers materials published 1959-1977: Chapter J, p.193-234.
  • Guide to the literature of art history 2 / Max Marmor and Alex Ross. Chicago: American Library Association, 2005. Covers materials published 1978-1998 and includes sections on Asian countries and on Landscape Architecture: Chapter J, p.235-301.

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