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Planning Professional Practice: Selected Readings

This selective annotated guide lists resources supporting the professional practice of city, regional, and environmental planning. Included are handbooks, planning regulations, and other material of interest to the practicing American planner.

History of Planning Practice

Here is a selection of primary and secondary sources for the study of the history of American planning practice.

See the following guide for more resources.

Site Planning

Handbooks & Manuals

Search the library catalogs for additional handbooks using the subject City planning handbooks manuals.

The Regulatory Environment: United States

Items listed here concern the regulatory environment in the United States, with California-specific items listed further below. Related Environmental Design Library guides of interest include Finding General PlansCalifornia Planning online, and Environmental Planning online. The latter title includes many useful links to full text environmental law websites. For titles pertaining to other countries and places, consult the Library's catalogs. Also note that the UC Berkeley Law Library, Boalt Hall, has excellent collections of land use and zoning laws.

The Regulatory Environment: California

See also the California Resources Agency,  a great source for full text, up-to-date planning information.


For the Planning Commissioner

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