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South Asians in North America Collections: Gadar Party: a bibliography

Indian Students at UC Berkeley, Charter Day, 1915

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Books, Dissertations and Articles

Aggarwal, Som Nath.
The heroes of Cellular Jail / S.N. Aggarwal. [personal memoirs of Indian nationalists incarcerated in the Cellular Jail, Andaman and Nicobar Islands] 1st ed.  Patiala : Publication Bureau, Punjabi University, 1995.
       UCB   Main      DS475.2.A2 A34 1995

Banerjee, Kalyan Kumar.
Indian freedom movement revolutionaries in America.  [1st ed.].  Calcutta, Jijnasa [1969].
       UCB   AsianAmer E184.A84 B15
       UCB   Main      E184.E2 B33

Bose, Arun, 1931-
Indian revolutionaries abroad, 1905-1922, in the background of international developments.  Patna, Bharati Bhawan [1971].
       CRL              Electronic resource - restricted to UCB IP addresses
       NRLF            XB7.4589 

Brown, Emily C. (Emily Clara) Har Dayal, Hindu revolutionary and rationalist / Emily C. Brown.  Tucson :
   University of Arizona Press, [1975].
       UCB   Main      DS481.D365 B761

Brown, Giles Tyler. [Dissertation, University of California, Berkeley]
     The Hindu conspiracy and the neutrality of the United States, 1914-1917 /
   by Giles Tyler Brown.  1941.
       Main (Gardner) Stacks   308t B87783

Dayal, Har, 1884-1939.
     Forty-four months in Germany and Turkey, February 1915 to October 1918; a
   record of personal impressions by Har Dayal, M.A.  London, P.S. King & son,
   ltd., 1920.
       NRLF UCB       D640 .D393

Dayal, Har, 1884-1939.
     Letters of Lala Har Dayal. Edited by Dharmavira.  Ambala Cantt., Indian
   Book Agency [1970].
       NRLF UCB      DS481.D365 A41

Dayal, Har, 1884-1939.
     Writings of Lala Hardayal.  Benares : Swaraj Publishing House, [1923?].
       UCD   Shields   DS481.D365 A5 1923

Deol, Gurdev Singh, 1929-
     The role of the Ghadar Party in the national movement. Foreword by I. D.
   Sharma.  [1st ed.].  Delhi, Sterling Publishers [1969].
       UCSB  Main Lib  DS480.45 .D38
       UCSC  McHenry   DS480.45.D38
       UCSD  SSH       DS480.45 .D38
       SRLF            A 0010079044

Dharmavira, 1904-1973.
     Lala Har Dayal and revolutionary movements of his times. Foreword by R. C.
   Majumdar.  New Delhi, India Book Co. [1970].
       UCB   Main      DS481.D365 D49

Dharmavira, 1904-1973.
     Lala Haradayala.  [1970].
       NRLF  UCB      DS480.45 .L34 1970

Dhudike de _g_hadari babe / sampadaka Dharama Singha Sahota.  Dhudike,
   [India] : Lajapata Rae Sataddi Phorama, Lajapata Rae Saintanari Kalija,
   1972. [Gadar -- Biography]
       CRL   GenCollec 73-903911

Ganguly, Anil Baran.
     Ghadar revolution in America / Anil Baran Ganguly.  1st ed.  New Delhi :
   Metropolitan, 1980.
       UCB   Main      DS479 .G361 1980

Hindustan Gadar Party. Organization of Indian Marxist-Lenninists Abroad.
     Documents of the first congress of the Hindustani Ghadar Party,
   Organization of Indian Marxist-Leninists Abroad.  Toronto : Norman Bethune
   Institute, 1978.
       SRLF            A 0000693960

India. Intelligence Bureau.
     The Ghadr directory : containing the names of persons who have taken part
   in the Ghadr Movement in America, Europe, Africa and Afghanistan as well as
   India / compiled by the Director's Intelligence Bureau, Home...  New Delhi :
   Government of India Press, 1934.
       UCB   NewsMicro MICROFILM.17344.JQ

Indian freedom fighters abroad : secret British intelligence report /
    edited & brought up-to-date by Prabha Chopra & P.N. Chopra.  New Delhi :
    Criterion Publications, 1988.
        UCB   Main      DS481.A1 I541 1988

Jagjit Singh, 1904-
     _G_hadara Parati lahira / Jagajita Singha.  2. aidishana.  [On the history
   of the Gadar Party.] Dilli : Nawayuga Pabalisharaza, 1979.
       CRL   GenCollec 79-906990 

Jasa, Jasawanta Singha.
     Baba Sohana Singha Bhakana. [On the history of the Gadar Party.] [1969].
       NRLF   UCB          B 2 720 528

Jasa, Jasawanta Singha, 1929-
     Guradita Singha Kamagatamaru.  [1965].
       NRLF   UCB      DS479.1.G8 J37 1965

Johnston, Hugh J. M., 1939-
     The voyage of the Komagata Maru : the Sikh challenge to Canada's colour
   bar / Hugh Johnston.  Delhi : Oxford University Press, 1979.
       UCB   Main      DS479 .J641 1979
       Ebrary             Electronic copy - restricted to UCB IP addresses.

Josh, Sohan Singh, 1898-
     Baba Sohan Singh Bhakna; life of the founder of the Ghadar Party, by Sohan
   Singh Josh. Foreword by G. Adhikari.  New Delhi, People's Pub. House [1970].
       UCB   Main      DS481.B4 J651 1970

Josh, Sohan Singh, 1898-
     Hindustan Gadar Party : a short history / by Sohan Singh Josh.  New Delhi
   : People's Pub. House, 1977-1978.
       UCB   Main      F1035.E3 J6  v.1-2 (1977-1978)
       UCB   S-S/EAsia F1035.E3 J6 

Josh, Sohan Singh, 1898-
     Tragedy of Komagata Maru / by Sohan Singh Josh.  New Delhi : People's Pub.
   House, 1975.
       UCB   Main      DS479 .J67

Kapura, Navaratna, 1933-
     Dakatara Haradiala : ikka prayogashila buddhijiwi te rajanaika = Dr.
   Hardayal : practical intellectual and diplomat / Nawaratana Kapura.  Patiala
   : Pabalikeshana Biuro, Panjabi Yuniwarasiti, 1988.
       UCB   Main      DS481.D365 K37 1988

Mathur, L. P. (Laxman Prasad), 1922-
     Indian revolutionary movement in the United States of America, by L. P.
   Mathur.  [1st ed.].  Delhi, S. Chand [1970].
       UCLA  URL       JQ 298 H5M42
       UCR   Rivera    JQ298.H5 M37
       UCSB  Main Lib  JQ298.H5 M33
       UCSB  Main Lib  JQ298.H5 M33 Special Coll
       UCSD  SSH       JQ298.H5 M33
       CRL   GenCollec 79-915084 

Pollock, Sharon.
      The Komagata Maru incident / Sharon Pollock.  1st ed.  Toronto :
    Playwrights Co-op, 1978.
        UCLA  URL       PR 9199.3 P766k

Pratap, Mahendra, Raja.
     My life story of fiftyfive years, December 1886 to December 1941.  [1st
   ed.].  Dehradun, World Federation [1947].
       UCSB                 DS479.1.P73 A5
       SRLF                  CT1508.P887 A3 1947 

Puri, Harish K.
     Ghadar movement : ideology, organisation, and strategy / Harish K. Puri.
   2nd ed.  Amritsar : Guru Nanak Dev University, 1993.
       UCB   Main      DS480.4 .P87 1993

Puri, Harish K.
     Ghadar movement : ideology, organisation & strategy / Harish K. Puri.
   Amritsar : Guru Nanak Dev University Press, c1983.
       UCB   Main      DS480.4 .P87 1983

Saimsara, Guracarana Singha.
      Gadara Parati da itihasa.  [On the history of the Gadar Party.]  1961-
        NRLF            B 2 721 551

Select documents on the Ghadr Party / [compiled by] T.R. Sareen.  1st ed.
    New Delhi : Mounto Pub. House, 1994.
        UCB   S-S/EAsia DS480.4 .S45 1994 REF

Singh, Jane.
     Echoes of reevolution : the role of literature in the gadar movement / by
   Jane Singh.  1990.
       NRLF      AS36.C3 A14 1990 929

Singh, Khushwant.
     Ghadar, 1915, India's first armed revolution [by] Khushwant Singh and
   Satindra Singh.  New Delhi, R & K Pub. House [1966].
       UCB   Main      DS480.4 .S5

South Asians in North America : an annotated and selected bibliography /
   coordinating editor, Jane Singh ; associate editors, Emily Hodges, Bruce La
   Brack, Kenneth R. Logan ; contributing editors, N. Gerald Barrier and...
   Berkeley : Center for South and Southeast Asia Studies, University of
   California, Berkeley, c1988.
       UCB   Main      E183.8.A12 S68 1988
       UCB   S-S/EAsia E183.8.A12 S68 1988 REF

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