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Posters, Presentations & Science Writing: Construct

use this guide to create a successful science poster presentation.


1. DRAFT your design first.
   Presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, or OpenOffice Impress (free software)
   Print and digital publishing software like Adobe InDesign
   Document preparation systems like LaTeX (free software)
2. SIZE:
    Set the size of the slide or canvas to the actual dimensions of your poster.
If you create a smaller poster & print at a larger scale (e.g., 300%), the text & images may become blurry & pixilated.

CREATE: your poster.
Graphics programs are helpful for drawing figures and other illustrations.
Adobe Photoshop or GIMP (free software). & insert your images into the poster.
Create graphs with spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel.
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Edit and Evaluate

  • Print your draft poster to letter size paper. 
  • Share with colleagues for editing extraneous or confusing content.
  • Make sure your work follows your presentation requirements.
  • Here are checklists for evaluating your poster:
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