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UGBA 115: Competitive Strategy: General Info

General Information

1. Click Connect from Off-Campus at the very top of this page and make sure you have either the Proxy or the VPN set up on your home computer. The Proxy is easier to set up, while the VPN is more reliable. 

2. Here are the competitive situations Prof. Schultz has assigned:

  • 21st Century Fox vs. NBCUniversal in Financial News Broadcasting
  • Good Neighbor vs. Medicine Shoppe vs. Health Mart in Independent Pharmacies
  • OpenTable vs. SeatMe in Online Restaurant Reservations
  • Betterment vs. Wealthfront in Independent Robo-Advisors
  • Amazon vs. Google vs. Microsoft in Cloud Computing

Business Librarian

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Hilary Schiraldi
Long Business Library
S350 Haas School of Business
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