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Biology and Geomorphology of Tropical Islands IB158 / ESPM 107: Your Research

IB158 / ESPM 107 - Biology and Geomorphology of Tropical Islands

research cycle

Research Cycle

Edinburgh Napier University Library.

Subject headings / Keywords

Coral Reef Ecology
Coral reefs and islands
Island Ecology
Marine ecology - tropics

Example: Use search 'coral reef restoration'

Write your research topic as a question, use subject ideas or a thesis statement.
Example: What is coral reef restoration?

List the main concepts:
coral ecosystem, Polynesia, Tropical islands, Moorea, coral reef restoration,corals, coral reef ecology, marine ecology- tropics

List Key words, phrases, synonyms, alternative terms and spelling - be creative:
climatic changes, global warming, extinction, environmental aspects, coral mortality, coral reefs.

Materials on marine ecology, South Pacific, Moorea, coral ecosystems, culture, extinction. Our digital collections span all subjects and are available 24/7.

UCB Student Papers for class: Biology and Geomorphology of Tropical Islands

IB Department Student Papers: IB Department, 1992-2007 (pdfs), 2008-2015.

Student Research Papers, UC eScholarship. Collected papers, 109 papers, 2006-2012.

Student Research Papers, 1992--2000
The Biology and geomorphology of tropical islands: student research papers.
Print. QH198 M6. B56 Reserves.
Digital pdf of all papers from each year.

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