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Economics: Development

International Economic and Financial Organizations

The UC Berkeley Libraries also have detailed web guides to government information sources, including a guide to International Economic Organizations such as the World Bank, IMF, OECD and WTO, as well as guides to the United Nations and European Union.  Many of these organization create or collect data on development and inequality.

Organizations, Search Engines and Reference Sources

AgEcon Search. Free open access repository of scholarly literature in agricultural and applied economics, from the Univertsity of Minnesota.

Agricola. US Deparment of Agriculture Online Library. Indexes books, journal articles and government publications including but not limited to agricultural economics.

FAO Document Depository. Online depository of Food & Agricultural Organization of the UN (FAO) documents and publications as well as selected non-FAO publications.

Econlit. Most comprehensive database to scholarly journal articles in economics. Also lists books and dissertations, and articles within collective works.

Giannini Foundation Library of Agricultural Economics. UC Berkeley Library Giannini Foundation Library specializing in Agricultural economics. 

Handbook of Development Economics. Key reference volume in the field, edited by Dani Rodrik and T.N. Srinivasan.

Human Development Report Library.  Summaries of development conditions from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for countries around the world.

IDEAS. Free database on economics with full-text working papers, books, book chapters, and articles from peer-reviewed journals.

Least Developed Countries Report.  Annual publication on the world's Least Developed Countries, from the UN Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD). 

PAIS International and PAIS Archive. Indexes information related to public policy, politics, economics, and international affairs.

Rural Poverty Portal. Rural povery information portal, from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) a UN Specialized Agency. 

USAID Development Experience Clearinghouse. Online resource for USAID funded project  documentation. Browsable by country and sector..

World Bank E-library. Subscription based online library of World Bank publications from the 1990's. 

World Bank Projects and Evaluations. Portal of World Bank projects and operations.  See also the World Bank Documents and Reports for better searchability. 

World Development Report. World Bank flagship publications, summarzing the annual state of world development. 

Selected Journals

Key Data Sources

Africa Development Indicators.  From the World Bank. Data on Africa, containing over 1,600 indicators, covering 53 African countries from 1961 to present.

AID Data. Microlevel aid data from around the world, articles on aid data from peer reviewed journals, and "aid data raw" which allows researchers to subset data by donor, recipient, and purpose for multiple years.  

Balance of Payments Statistics. From the IMF. Balance of payments and international investment position data of individual countries and regions for the balance of payments from 1967 to the present. Useful for foreign direct investment.  

FAOSTAT. Extensive data on agriculture, food supply, food security, prices, commodities, forest products, and fisheries from the FAO.

International Debt Statistics. Statistical data for countries reporting public debt to the World Bank. Includes external debt stocks and flows and key debt ratios as well as long-term debt, debt restructuring, and debt service projections. 

International Food Policy Research Instute (IFPRI). Data on a varierty of agricultural and resource topcs, including  hunger and poverty, social capital, livestock and more.  Also on the datavsersenetwork.

International Trade Center Market Analysis Tools. UC Berkeley subscribes, register to access additional detailed data from the Trade Map and the Investment Map. 

Human Development Report Statistics. Statistics from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Links to the text of national human development reports from over 250 countries and regions.

New Gilded Age: Income inequality in the U.S. by state, metropolitan area, and county. A report by Estelle Sommeiller and Mark Price on historical income inequality by state. Go to the data set

OECD iLibrary. Leading International Organization for Foreign Aid data. Includes International Development Statistics as well as statistical databases on External Debt Statistics and Geographical Distribution of Financial Aid Flows to Developing Countries. 

Replication Data Wiki. This wiki serves as a database of empirical studies, the availability of replication material for them and of replication studies.

UNCTADStat. From the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development. See also theWorld Investment Directory, which offers FDI data by country.

UN Data. Wide range of economic, social, cultural, and demographic indicators: population, environment, health, economics, technology, trade, refugees, and more.

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. International Investment Position. Detailed data on foreign direct investment involving the United States.

U.S. Overseas Loans and Grants (Green Book). Loans and grants from the US government each fiscal year by purpose and country.

World Development Indicators. Time series data from 1960 for 207 countries in the areas of population, labour, education, economics, the environment and much more.

World Income Inequality Database. Information for countries on income inequalities at both cross-country and time series levels over the period 1950-98, with a focus on the period since 1980. See also the University of Texas Income Inequality Project. 

World's Top Income Database.  Top income share time series over the long-run for more than twenty countries to date, primarily from countries in Europe, North America and Developed Asia.    

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