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The Marion Koshland Bioscience & Natural Resources Library, a Library in the Life and Health Sciences Division provides service to the students, faculty and staff of the College of Letters & Science, Division of Biological Sciences, Departments of Molecular and Cell Biology and Integrative Biology; The College of Natural Resources, the UC Berkeley Campus and academic community. The research-level collections include materials in all formats and broad subject areas with emphasis on the western United States.

Susan Koskinen, Head, Life and Health Sciences Division, and the Library Liaison for Integrative Biology, Energy and Resources Group, Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology.

Rebecca Miller, the Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Librarian, and the Library Liaison to the College of Natural Resources, Agriculture and Resource Economics, Environmental Science, Policy and Management, Plant and Microbial Biology and Environmental Science.

Elliott Smith, the Emerging Technologies Librarian, and the Library liaison for Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Faculty Access

On campus wireless access use: Airbears 2.

Off-campus access is limited to current UCB faculty, staff and students.
To access resources from off-campus, please use one of the following:
Proxy Server
The proxy server will re-route your requests for licensed resources after authenticating you as a Berkeley student, faculty or staff member. You must configure your web browser to use it.

Proxy changes: see the Library's Proxy Server FAQ.
iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch proxy server setup instructions.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
The VPN will establish a "tunnel" to our campus network, allowing you to access a broader variety of licensed resources.

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