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Faculty & Instructor Resources: Copyright, Publishing

Publishing Models

OPEN ACCESS - freely available, no copyright transfer, = PloS, BioMed Central, PeerJ, eLife.
Green OA -

  • Free public access to a version of your article. May have a time delay (embargo period).
  • No Fee is payable by the author, as costs are covered by library subscriptions.
  • Authors retain the right to sue their articles for a wide range of purposes. All open versions of your article should have a user license attached.

1. Link to your article
2. Selected journals are often freely available after embargo period.
3. Self-archive your manuscript.

Gold OA -

  • Free public access to the final published article. Access is immediate and permanent.
  • Open access fee is paid by the author, or a funding body.
  • Use is determined by your user license.

1. Publish in an open access journal
2. Publish in a journal that supports OA (hybrid journal).

FREE: after an embargo period, the publisher makes the article available, = PNAS, JBC and Highwire Press Publishers.

HYBRID or PARTIAL PAYMENT: option to pay to make the article freely available on publication, = AIP Author Select, Oxford, Royal society. - PUBLIC - freely available as a result of a funding agency mandate, NSF or NIH. = PubMed as a result of the NIH mandate.

Find Journals that use alternate forms of publishing:

Find Quantitative Information about Journals:

BRII & PeerJ

Funding for Open Access Article Publication

  • PeerJ: UC Memberships provide a reduced price.
  • HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) support is available.

BRII: Berkeley Research Impact Initiative
The Berkeley Research Impact Initiative (BRII) provides funding to Berkeley authors (current faculty members, post-docs, graduate students, researchers) and publishers (Centers, Organized Research Units, and Departments) to make their publications free to all readers immediately upon publication.

PeerJ: funding for UC Berkeley authors.
UC Berkeley students now have access to a valuable, free, lifetime publishing opportunity.  The UC Berkeley Library has partnered with
PeerJ, an open access (OA), peer-reviewed, scholarly journal that publishers research articles in the biological, medical, and health sciences.

Under the terms of this partnership, when a paper by a Berkeley author is accepted for publication in PeerJ, the Berkeley Library will pay the cost of a Basic Membership for each Berkeley author. That membership will allow authors to publish one PeerJ article every year, for life, for free. To learn more about this benefit, visit PeerJ’s website or contact the Library’s Scholarly Communications Officer.

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