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Faculty & Instructor Resources: Scholarly Communication & OA


Scholarly communication is the system in which information or data are created (by scholars), distributed (by publishers), disseminated, preserved, and organized (by libraries). The soaring cost of published information has put this system at risk.

Scholarly Communication

Use the UC Berkeley Library, Scholarly Communication, guide to review the UC Open Access Policy, and the UC Publications Management System (UCPMS).

Visit the University of California's Office of Scholarly Communication to find new publishing models, copyright information, repositories and more.

The eScholarship repository to find out how you can have more direct control over the creation and dissemination of your scholarship.

Consult a Librarian and/or the links below for more information.

What you need to do: check your email

UC Berkeley senate faculty should be receiving regular email.

  • From: UC Open Access Team
  • Subject: Your Publications

These messages are generated by the UC Publications Management System (UCPMS) which automatically harvests references to your eligible articles.

  • Did UCPMS harvest too many articles? Did it not harvest enough? You may need to readjust your search settings.
  • Do you want to delegate someone else to manage your publications?
  • Do you want to learn about other features in the UCPMS (like how to generate a CV)?
  • Do you need help navigating the UCPMS software?
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