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What is?

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ORCID = Open Researcher and Contributor ID. Free registration of nonproprietary name code for contributor / author identification. On 16 October 2012, ORCID launched its registry services and started issuing user identifier.

The aim of ORCID is to aid "the transition from science to e-Science, wherein scholarly publications can be mined to spot links and ideas hidden in the ever-growing volume of scholarly literature". Can be used to provide each researcher with "a constantly updated ‘digital curriculum vitae’ providing a picture of his or her contributions to science going far beyond the simple publication list."

It has been noted in an editorial in Nature that ORCID, in addition to tagging the contributions that scientists make to papers, "could also be assigned to data sets they helped to generate, comments on their colleagues’ blog posts or unpublished draft papers, edits of Wikipedia entries and much else besides",

ID Best Practice

What does this mean for UC Berkeley?
Everyone should have an ORCID identification to track article publishing, link to data sets.
Register: for an ORCID ID

 Consider adding a ResearcherID, both ORCID and ResearcherID will post in Web of Science.



ResearcherID is integrated with the Web of Science database. Your ResearcherID facilitates citation metrics and publication tracking using Web of Science tools and includes you in the Web of Science author index. You can create an author profile in ResearcherID that allows other researchers to learn more about your work and affiliations.

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