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Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology: Research

a library research guide to nutrition, metabolic biology, and toxicology resources.

Library Workshop: Research 101

Research Cycle:  An interactive tutorial that explores the six stages of the research process.

1: Begin Your Research
Starting strategies, from choosing a topic to finding the right keywords.

2: Knowledge Cycle
The publication timeline, scholarly vs. popular sources, and differences in academic disciplines.

3: Finding Books
Search for books and other items in OskiCat, Cal's local library catalog.

4: Finding Articles
Locate and access articles in library research databases.

5: Make Citations
How to cite your sources correctly.

6: Basic Search
Common techniques for constructing searches that yield useful results.

7: Advanced Search
Specialized search strategies for targeting specific topics.

Browsing guide

QP1-QP801 Physiology
QP141-QP185 Nutrition - physiology
QP144- Functional foods
QR115- Foods - Microbiology
SB175- Food supply, GMOs
TP368-TP660 Food Processing
TX1-TX985 Home Economics
TX340-TX640 Nutrition. Foods, food supply
TX640-TX840 Cookery
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