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Biological Sciences Writing: Research Flow

Sample Search

Research and analyze a particular medical therapy and particular adverse event.

  • Write your research topic as a question, subject idea or thesis statement.
    Example: What are the adverse effects of air pollution on asthma?
  • List the main concepts.
    Example: asthma, respiratory system disease, immune system, diagnosis, Human Health problems,

  • List key words, phrases, synonyms, & alternative terms to search: - Be Creative.
    Example: air pollution, indoor air pollution, natural ventilation, asthma, breathing, air particles, threat to human health, technology, equipment, age, pediatric, gender, injury, treatment, threat to human health, technology, equipment, age
  • Remember to include other collections and disciplines:
    Environmental Design
    Public Policy
    Public Health

  • Review which databases you will use:
    Web of Science, PubMed, Biosis Previews, others that may be specific to your topic.
  • Sample searches:
    air pollution and asthma
    chronic lung disease

Getting started

Library Research Workshop 101
An online tutorial providing an introduction to library and research skills at the UC Libraries, including:

  • Understanding an assignment
  • Choosing a topic
  • Developing search terms (keywords)
  • Choosing sources

The Research Process tab of this guide contains more help and tips on doing research.

Science Research Workflow

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