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Social Welfare Research Toolkit: Off Campus?

Resources for research in Social Welfare.

Campus Library Map

Click on the image below to see a larger version of the campus library map.

small campus map that is linked to PDF

You can also view/download a map of library locations. For library contact information and building addresses, visit our directory.

Accessing Library Resources from Off-Campus

Remote students, faculty and staff with UCB credentials can access online Library resources via links on any library site (EZproxy) or the campus VPN.

Beginning Fall 2017, off-campus users will be prompted to login via CalNet for online resources that are linked from library sites, including OskiCat or library guides. You can install an EZproxy bookmarklet in your browser to jump to the login site when you encounter a licensed library resources via Google or the open web.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) 
Install the VPN client software on your computer. Open and connect to the "Library VPN" to establish a secure connection with the campus network each time you want to access any library-licensed resources.

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