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Finding Tests: Tests & Scales

Tests & Scales

Tests, Scales and Measurements

Finding complete instruments (tests or scales) not included in APA's PsycTests is challenging. In general, test publishers do not allow libraries to buy buy tests and circulate them like we do books; instead they sell them to researchers on an individual basis. Some full-text tests are available in journals, dissertations and books. The library reference collection contains several print compilations of full-text tests available in the public domain. See Tests in Printed Books for the titles and call numbers.

FInding Tests and Reviews of Tests

Testing-Related Sites

Fulltext Tests

PsycTESTS from APA -- primarily unpublished tests, most (but not all) records include the actual test instrument. Also provides information about psychological tests, measures, scales, surveys, and other assessments including descriptive information about the test and its development and administration.

eBooks and books with full-text scales:

Online searchable sites with full-text scales:

Tests in Printed Books at UC Berkeley

Compendium of Quality of Life Instruments (with full-text scales). (1998)
RA407 C65 1998. Public Health Library and NRLF

Experience of work : a compendium and review of 249 measures and their use
HF5549.5 A83 1981. MAIN Library

Family Assessment: a Guide to Methods and Measures.
HQ518 G751 1989. MAIN LIbrary

Family Measurement Techniques.
HQ728 S86 1978. MAIN Library

Gender Roles: a Handbook of Tests and Measures.
HM253 B43 1990. MAIN Library and NRLF

Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques 
HQ728 T68 1989. MAIN and Social Research Library

Handbook of Measurements for Marriage and Family Therapy.
RC488.5 F731 1987. MAIN Library

Handbook of Tests and Measurements for Black Populations. Reginald L. Jones, Editor. Vol. 1 and II, 1996.
BF176 H37 1996. MAIN Library

Measures for Clinical Practice
BF176 C66 2000 MAIN Library and NRLF
A two volume collection of short, easily scored measurements for use with couples, families, children and adults. Complete, full-text scales and measurements are included.

Measures of Leadership.
BF637 L4 M43 1990. MAIN Library

Measures of Personality and Social Psychological Attitudes.
BF698.4 M38 1991. MAIN Library and NRLF 

Measures of Self-Concept.
BF687.5 S43 W591 1989. MAIN Library and NRLF

Measures of Social Psychological Attitudes (with full-text scales).
BF689.4 M38 1973, 1991. Online (Hathi) and Main Library

Scales for the Measurement of Attitudes. (1967)
BF378 A75 S45. MAIN Library

Sex and Gender Issues: a Handbook of Tests and Measures.
BF692 B38 1990. MAIN Library

Tests: a Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, and Business.
BF176 T43 2008. MAIN Library

Women and Women's Issues: a Handbook of Tests and Measures. (1979)
HQ1180 B43. MAIN LIbrary


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