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Architecture 170 : A Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism.: Basic Resources

A Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism.

About Basic Resources

Many of the materials listed on this page are shelved on the ARCHITECTURE 170 BOOK CART in the Environmental Design Library. These materials are for Library Use Only so that everyone in the class has access to them. There may be additional copies which circulate; check OskiCat to see if they are available.
Search the materials below for an overview of your topic. Note particular keywords, terms, authors, bibliographies, and footnotes. Learn specific building names, designers, location, and date built.

General Histories and Surveys

General Histories and Surveys provide an overview and the context of a topic, with dates, locations, special sites, and the names of architects or designers. They usually include bibliographies.

Environmental Design Library Research Guides

Encyclopedias and Atlases

Recommended Print Resources

Recommended Online Resources


Dictionaries - for concepts, terminology, definitions, and to verify spelling. Specialized dictionaries give the history and illustrations of building elements.

Recommended Print Resources

Recommended Online Resources

Images, Plans, Illustrations

Tip: Also use architectural histories and journal articles.

Picture Books

Online sources


Bibliographies are lists of writings or citations on a particular subject, time period, or author. Look at book chapters, textbooks, and articles for additional bibliographies and footnotes.
"Architecture," In: Guide to the literature of art history. Identifies the best books for architecture by geographic area and time period.
1959-1977 publications: Chapter J, p.193-234
1978-1998 publications: Chapter J, p.235-301
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