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College Writing R4B: The Machine Starts: Research Process

Evaluating Resources

When you encounter any kind of source, consider:

  1. Authority - Who is the author? What is their point of view? 
  2. Purpose - Why was the source created? Who is the intended audience?
  3. Publication & format - Where was it published? In what medium?
  4. Relevance - How is it relevant to your research? What is its scope?
  5. Date of publication - When was it written? Has it been updated?
  6. Documentation - Did they cite their sources? Who did they cite?

See also: Scholarly & Popular Sources


  1. What is this organization? See
  2. What is their point of view?
  3. Who is the voice in the video? Atlantic Monthly post
  4. Why do they use that voice?
  5. How is this all related to evaluating sources for your scholarly papers?



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