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MBA/EWMBA 280: Real Estate Investment & Market Analysis: Home

Guide to library resources, websites and other freely available information on the real estate business.

Introduction to Resource Guide

This course guide lists information for Professor Couture's MBA/EWMBA 280-1 and EWMBA 280-11 classes and supplements A Note on Real Estate Research that Prof. Couture has made available for you in This guide has an annotated list of real estate research resources that are available at UCB library as well as freely available good quality sources of real estate investment information. 

Environmental Design Library has resources for building, design, land-use and urban planning, 

IMPORTANT:  If you need help with finding or accessing information, please Ask us at the Business Library, or email or phone me. I am available Monday-Thursday afternoons and evenings till 8:30pm and Fridays till 5pm. 

Please familiarize yourselves with the Conditions of Use of library-subscribed databases.

Industry and Company Research

Finance Resources

  • Factset and Bloomberg are two  databases available on dedicated terminals inside Haas Computer Center. Both pull financial information from many sources into a dashboard to allow financial analysis of markets, individual companies and industries. Global in scope, both provide breaking news, financial indices, economic statistics, and other information that impacts investment such as interest rates, deal flow, availability of capital. Factset has a learning module built into it that you can train yourself on as well as good online help. Bloomberg has excellent online help as well.  You can get a  Factset web account - please use your Berkeley email address to sign up.

Books and articles on real estate and corporate finance


California and Bay Area real estate

California Association of Realtors' produce reports about California real estate - forecasts, county summaries, California affordability index and much more. Much of their content is freely available, while some is for members only . Their journal, California Real Estate is also available in print behind the Circulation Desk at the Business Library.

Local realtors associations publish details about their territories. Search the internet for realtors associations for desired area.

Association of Bay Area Governments and Metropolitan Transportation Commission for the Bay area - see their easy to use Vital Signs for the Bay area by county. Contact the MTC-ABAG library for any regional transportation and regional growth planning resources.

Southern California Association of Governments is  responsible for formulating priorities for housing and economic development for the more urban southern California counties.

Business Times and regional Book of Lists are available online for major US economic areas. For the Bay area there are East Bay, San Francisco and Silicon Valley editions of the Book of Lists which list the top companies in various fields and includes data on the largest properties and other relevant data for real estate developers or investors. Book of Lists is available in the online Business Times package, and are also available in print at the Circulation Desk at the Business Library as well.

Market Research

  • Urban Land Institute is a major land use and development advocacy and research organization and publishes area-specific real estate trends.
List of useful associations in the real estate field -  member based, they publish trade journals and reports that provide news, trends and statistics about their industries. They host conferences, advocate for and educate about their industry. 

Reports by real estate firms:

Journal articles and Books



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